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Ar Dsi Freezeing?

Darkness 194

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Is it this code? (Get a Pokemon Holding Liberty Pass in Box 1 Slot 30 (L+R))

94000130 fcff0000

b2000024 00000000

e0001c24 00000088

265f29fe 25090000

43b9fb63 80480c83

2e520a4a c5e8c05a

8f294fd5 c5769a46

d6d82b2b fd93ce6d

1117dcee 7a84f603

ebaf3dcc 6a1482eb

2f37aaa2 7d5aed13

6242bebb aabf526a

51a6d6d6 b37a89f2

33d18ea7 8d89b345

892e239f a6316942

e076da55 29a84950

45b4b6fe cf070a34

b1ca999b d745173e

a3f3019a 3a24044c

fb2e1e92 efb5bb05

d2000000 00000000

If so, then it shouldn't be too long...

What region game are you using?

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