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Whoever is willing to do this for me gets my eternal love.

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Hello everyone. I realize that I am new and have practically have no right to ask anything right off the bat, but let's be honest. Cobalt + Computers = fail. It's true. Anyways, I was looking to breed some pokemon off of some high IV pokesaved legit pokemon.

Anyways, what I am looking for:

Dittos: Reasonably high IVs. If they could have all 31 and have it look legit, that would be awesome. I don't know if you can do that, if you can't, but have it reasonably high, that is still awesome.

The natures I would like for them to be:

Jolly - Low SP.ATK IVs, if that makes things easier.

Impish - Low SP. Attack IVs, if that makes things easier.


Calm - Low ATK IVs, if that makes anything easier.

The other Pokemon: Again, high IVs. I may not be an expert on breeding, but I do understand that if two pokemon (w/ high IVs) do the nasty nasty, then the babies are likely to turn out stronger. I don't think that the natures really matter to me, since I could just give the Dittos the Everstones.

Snesal or Weavile

Gligar or Gliscor

Staryu or Starmie

Chansey or Blissey

Gastly, Haunter or Genar

I have AIM, if it makes things any easier: JD94706.

FC: 0087 8244 3435 Johnny.

Thanks for even looking at this post. Here is a cool bidoof. Enjoy. :bidoof:

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