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2 of my Pokemon are Bad Eggs in PBR


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I'm not sure what is going on, I've remade them 2 times and they both are still bad eggs in PBR. This only happened with Kingdra and Salamence, all the other 40 or so Pokemon I made work fine. I've made sure to get the 85h right (They both are set to hatch from eggs so its 00, and yes, they are in Poke Balls), date met and date received are the same day, no nickname... the EVs on both are 252/232/24...

What's wrong?

EDIT: They also both have legal movesets. Standard Smogon movesets and item choice.

EDIT 2: Kingdra suddenly worked... no idea what to do about Salamence, though.

EDIT 3: Salamence finally worked. Not sure what happened.

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