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[DEAD] PokéYOG1: YoshiOG1's Pokemon Distribution Server (B/W/D/P/Pt/HG/SS)

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PokéYOG1 is officially DEAD!

Since when? Since December of 2011.

Why? Because my life had become so stressful from a number of things, mainly the unknown disappearance of my Nintendo DSi, and school.

What's new? Well, I have a Nintendo 3DS, and Pokemon Black Version 2 (English version, of course). I also have Pokemon Rumble Blast, and I run a Minecraft server much like I used to run this GTS Distro. Also, my computer crashed in the summer of 2012, and I had to wipe out my hard drive and re-install Windows. I still have Pokemon Black Version (the first one), and I'm pretty sure my copy of Pokemon White is in my long-lost DSi.

Sorry for the inconvenience. You can view the old content of this post in the spoiler below.

Set your Primary DNS to:

Check my signature at the bottom of this post to see if the server is ONLINE or OFFLINE!

Make sure to read the instructions on this post if you don't know how my server works!

Also, check out the bottom of this post above the signature to see what's coming to the server soon!

UPDATE 12/6/2011: It's winter in Unova! That means that the shiny Deerling on the Generation V distro has changed, and its special move is now Blizzard, as opposed to Aeroblast like last month. I JUST WISH I COULD FIND MY DS TO PLAY POKEMON!!! T_T


The password for the Victini skin is:


P.S. The password for the Nimbasa Musical "Carnival Pokémon" (in the US) is:


I usually distribute in the afternoon/evening only (Eastern Time)!

**NEW** If you go on Facebook, then click here to go to PokéYOG1's Facebook Page and "Like" it now! (UPDATE: Now the page has a username, so you can go to facebook.com/PokeYOG1 to get to the page.)

IMPORTANT: If I can get at least 25 people to like the Facebook page, then I'll make a special event Pokemon to celebrate the number of likes!


Hey, guys! I've finally started my own Pokemon DNS Server for distributing free Pokemon to Pokémon Black/White Versions! (EDIT: Now distributing Pokemon to Generation IV games!) I call it PokéYOG1 (pronounced POH-kay-YOH-ghee).

Want free Pokémon from my server? Follow these steps! (click the spoiler)

1) Make sure that you take out any Pokemon that you may have in the regular GTS before you change your settings.

2a) If you play Pokemon on a regular DS or a DS Lite, start up your game, and on the main menu, go to Nintendo WFC Settings and choose your main connection (the one you normally use to get online).

2b) If you play Pokemon on a DSi, go to your system settings, and edit the Internet settings for your main connection (the one you normally use to get online).

3) Where it says "Auto-obtain DNS," select NO, and then type in the following for the Primary DNS:

4) Save your settings. Do NOT test the connection when it asks you if you want to!

5) Start your game, and go to the GTS as usual WITH YOUR PARTY FULL!! If you go into the GTS with any empty space in your party, you will get a glitched Pokemon with weird stats. To fix this problem if it happens, go to the Day Care and give the glitched Pokemon to the day care couple, then take it back. It should only cost you 100 prize money in the game.

6) You should get a random Pokemon from the list below sent to the first free space in your PC.

7) When you are done collecting Pokémon, save the game, then go back to your Wi-Fi settings and change the "Auto-obtain DNS" field back to Yes, and save your settings.


The list of Pokemon being distributed is now a screenshot of the distro folder from my computer. The list is updated when I upload the latest screenshot to the PokéYOG1 Facebook page and display it here. Click the spoiler to view the folder.

Also note:

  • Emphasized PKM files indicate newly added Pokemon to the server.
  • PKM Files labelled with Hilda, Hilbert, or Ruby are originals from my Pokemon games (Ruby/Black/White). Any other labels, such as Event and DW (Dream World), are pretty self-explanatory.

Generation V distro folder:

[DISTRO:// . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ]

Last updated: December 6, 2011


Recent Additions:

Deerling_Shiny_Winter.pkm - A shiny winter Deerling with the special winter-exclusive move Blizzard.

Generation IV distro folder:

[DISTRO:// . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ]

Last updated: November 9, 2011


Doesn't seem like much right now, but more Pokemon will be added later!


Have fun! :biggrin:

**EDIT 7/17/2011: Now taking requests for Pokemon to distribute! I can either make the Pokemon in Pokesav, OR, you can send me the .PKM file of the Pokemon that you want to be distributed on PokéYOG1. Just be specific as to what you want the Pokemon to be like if you want me to make it for you.


Coming soon to the server...!

Nothing coming soon...

Edited by YoshiOG1
PokéYOG1 is officially DEAD! Sorry guys.
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I need to find my DS, but I'd be more than happy to test it.

Okay :)

I tested it myself, and it works fine for me, but I just want to make sure it works for others like you.

A note about this post:

As I was typing this, I was thinking that you were randomspot555. LOL!

I guess it's because I was expecting randomspot555 to test it out around 11:30 PM EST.

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Okay :)

I tested it myself, and it works fine for me, but I just want to make sure it works for others like you.

A note about this post:

As I was typing this, I was thinking that you were randomspot555. LOL!

I guess it's because I was expecting randomspot555 to test it out around 11:30 PM EST.

Heh, well, I still haven't found my DS but I'm gonna do a few tests that will allow me to see if your server is responding.

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Too tired now. Gonna test this out tomorrow in the afternoon, probably around 1ish EST

Ok, good night!

I'm going to bed, so I'm not sure if the DNS will work when my computer's off, because I use ShinyGTS. (I know that it's hidden as a mini-icon on the right side of the Taskbar near the clock, but I'm not sure if it runs while the computer is off.)

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Heh, I didn't. I was just making sure the server was responding to Internet pings like it should.


By the way, I'm currently featuring a SHINY event Lugia on my server, but only for a limited time! So if you want it, you should hurry! :D

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i wish that i could have gotten your event but my wpa2 internet wont let me go online :'(

Why won't it let you? Do you not have the password for your internet?

P.S. Would you like me to send you the .PKM file of the event Lugia? I can send you all of my currently distributed Pokemon if you'd like...

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Ok so i think i got my wifi to work :D so ima try so do i go to the gts thingy

If you want free Pokemon from my server, you need to follow the steps on the first page of this thread, then go into the GTS with a FULL PARTY (6 Pokemon)!

But before you even change your WiFi settings, go to the real GTS and make sure that you don't have any Pokemon in there, because if you do, and you go into my GTS server, you will lose the Pokemon that you have in the real GTS.

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I could help out if you would like. I did a Distro server with a guy iSins a couple months back and we had like over a hundred thousand pokemon sent, but yeah Ill help out just send me what pokemon you want made with what moveset, ivs, evs, and for what gen and Ill make them.

Actually, I was asking if other people like you wanted to make requests.

BTW, I saw your siggy.

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I'm only getting the Luga. Where'd everything else go? Because I could care less about the super hacked stuff.

...That's weird. 'Cause the folder I'm using for the random distribution of Pokemon has more than just the shiny Lugia.

Try connecting again. If you keep getting Lugia, then honestly, I'm not sure why.

P.S. I've added a new event Pokemon! It's a shiny Victini--that's right, a SHINY Victini!

P.P.S <-- PP xD

P.P.P.S. I understand about "super hacked" Pokemon; I prefer Pokemon to be as legit as possible :)

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