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Generation 4 hatch trash bytes research - help wanted for foreign games


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All generation 4 eggs hatch with trash bytes - even if you nickname the hatchling.

However, there's a catch - like pal park trash bytes, they are different across languages and versions.

The goal of this thread is to find the string of trash bytes for all versions and languages of generation 4 games. For instance, english games use the following:

D/P: \0237\4008\C019\50C8\020D\3B28

Pt: \0238\4008\C019\B318\020C\3730

HGSS: \0000\1960\0211\0002\0000\4008


D/P: \0000\0237\4008\C019\5124\020D\3B28

Pt: \4558\0238\4008\C019\B3BC\020C\3730

HGSS: \0000\0000\1980\0211\0002\0000\4008


D/P: \0000\0237\4008\C019\5124\020D\3B28

Pt: \4558\0238\4008\C019\B3BC\020C\3730

HGSS: \0000\0000\1940\0211\0002\0000\4008


D/P: \0000\0237\4008\C019\5124\020D\3B28

Pt: \4558\0238\4008\C019\B3BC\020C\3730

HGSS: \0000\1960\0211\0002\0000\4008


D/P: \0000\0237\4008\C019\5124\020D\3B28

Pt: \4558\0238\4008\C019\B3BC\020C\3730

HGSS: \0000\0000\19A0\0211\0002\0000\4008


D/P: Last 8 bytes not consistent (FF otherwise)

Pt: Last bytes not consistent (FF otherwise)



D/P: \0000\0000\C0D4*\0237\4008\C019\0E1C\020D\3730

Pt: \0000\0000\54F4\0238\4008\C019\BDE8\020C\3730

HGSS: \DE60\021D\0000\0000\2360\0211\0002\0000\4008

Note that for english only the last 6 bytes matter because all hatched pokémon have at least 4 characters in their name. For german and french, it's 7 and 8 for japanese.

What I am looking for is .pkm files of french, german, italian, spanish, japanese pokémon with the shortest possible name length (e.g. Claffa in japanese and german, ekans in french, otherwise seel/abra/natu/onix/jynx) hatched on a generation 4 game (and preferably not transfered to gen 5 as it removes the last 2 bytes). If the pokémon was nicknamed when it hatched it doesn't really matter as long as the nickname is at most as long as the original name. You can also check the trash bytes yourself in Pokegen.

Furthermore, gen 4 trash bytes are not considered to be important from a legality standpoint because they are unfortunately removed by the name rater. However, it seems even the name rater can leave some trash bytes of its own for short names. Hence, I am also interested in foreign pokémon that were given a 1 letter nickname by the name rater, in all versions and languages of gen 4 games as before.

I thank in advance anyone willing to help.

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Updated korean D/P
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Okay, here's 3 more.. I've got the pkm files by extracting the save and using Pokésav this time, last time I put them onto Pokécheck and downloaded the pkm file off it.. I'm not sure if that could have caused the inconsistentcy.



and finally.. a new Cleffa http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10506630/PKM/Cleffa2.pkm

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Thanks to helpful users (in this thread, snorlax452, on pokecheck) only spanish D/P and Italian DPHGSS remain, as well as all korean versions

As for japanese DPPt it's possible to check the trash bytes depending on the length of the name (it's all FF for length=4,5 but the last bytes are seemingly random for length 2,3 - they are \0102\0000 for length 2)

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It works like this:

- Start from the hatch trash byte string for your given version and language

- Overwrite with default pokémon name

- Overwrite with nickname

For Japanese DPPt, the trash byte string is different for length 2, 3, and 4+, but it only depends on the length of the default name, not the nickname which is applied as usual

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In korean, the default name of cleffa use only one byte(삐; \0849).

In my heartgold, hatched cleffa pkm name was \0849\FFFF\DE60\021D\0000\0000\2360\0211\0002\0000\4008

Therefore, I think, trash bytes are \DE60\021D\0000\0000\2360\0211\0002\0000\4008

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Remember that once hatched the egg, whether puts nickname or not, if you change the nicknames with nickname evaluator from the first pair of FF's the rest are pairs of 00's. And the same for the trash bytes of gba, you can change the nickname because the only requirement is the id/sid of trainer match with id/sid of pokémon.

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