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Beta: the pokécheck legality checker for generation 5


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Just noticed my Entralink RNGed Axew from awhile ago is showing up as Night Slash being a hacked move.

For reference.

In other news, Kangaskhan doesn't get Knock Off from any source at all - it is in no learnset from any game. Some of them have it marked as a tutor move by mistake.

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Hello. Sorry if this is the wrong thread (since it says Gen5 now)...but is there any way to update the database so that any Pokemon caught from the Sinjoh Ruins does not come up with an error like this: "PALKIA\xFFFF\xFFFF\xFFFF\xFFFF\x0000 Does not match any region's character map."

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The checker seems to have issues with spaces in nicknames and trainer names.



I don't recall exactly but I think these were caught on German Gen 3, traded to Japanese Gen 3, Pal Park'd from that to Japanese Gen 4, later traded to English Gen 4 and transferred from that to English Gen 5.

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Possible method J/K slots don't match encounter.

^ Legit Nincada named Viper is showing this message for Locations.

It was caught in HG next to that kid you fight north of Goldenrod who has a Venomoth.

Always link to the upload in question.


Was captured on a Saturday in a Sport Ball -- Bug Catching Contest

ESV Slot 1: 20 - 39

72100276 seed (frame 474); doesn't have this ESV (only 2,7,2), which is why it is flagged.

BCC encounter slots have never been 100% documented (RNG Reporter notifies users of this) so you can assume it's legal if you captured it. It's just not big enough of a deal for a thorough investigation/fix... BCC errors might be changed to a non-red message in the future.

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Adding some more foreign language wonder card events to the database would help tremendously. So far I've found:

-Italian Team Rocket Meowth (missing; reads as invalid event pkm despite the japanese team rocket meowth reading as valid)

-Italian World Championships 2013 Smeargle (missing; reads invalid despite alternate language for same event reading valid)

-Italian Summer 2012 Pikachu (valid event pkm; haven't checked pokebank for false positive yet though)

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Have some error on the DW ability there.......

Some of the released DW ability count as "Invalid or unreleased Dream World ability."

Here are some of the list of the released DW ability


Bolded the part that you appear to have missed.

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[17:22:09] TheSonAlsoRises quick question regarding the legality analysis:

[17:22:15] TheSonAlsoRises https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=10486260

[17:22:24] TheSonAlsoRises this gen4 check shows up as legal

[17:22:39] TheSonAlsoRises a different poke with the same TID: https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=10486785

[17:22:56] TheSonAlsoRises this one was transferred to gen5 using Pokécheck, TID is supposedly hacked

[17:23:00] Hozu That's strange...

[17:23:18] TheSonAlsoRises yet the same TID/SID also shows up as legal: https://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=4865875

Basically two mons with the exact same OT and game version have a different message when it comes to the TID/SID combination

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