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Beta: the pokécheck legality checker for generation 5


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(please forgive this if it double posts, I thought this thread was for Gen 5 only)

I don't know if this has been addressed but I uploaded Mindy's Haunter from Platinum and the LA has red text in several places.




Is there a reason for that?


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It says "Invalid Egg Receive Date" and "Met Date Is In the Future"

I live in an advanced timezone, so IT IS February 1st. c: Don't know why it should say that, hahaha I live in the future!

Orange color isn't a flag for "Hacked", it's a caution. If it were illegal, you'd get the red color. (There's no false positive here!)

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Just so you know, the default time for the server is PST. Since you live in Australia, if you catch something after midnight for about... I want to say a 20 hour window, your time zone is one day ahead of the server. Hence, it's considered in the future.

Dark Pulse is coming up as illegal / red on Genesect.


The tutor in Lentimas / Yamaji town teaches it for 10 Blue Shards.

Any comments on this?

I think this is a result of the original tutor list rip was missing Genesect and Deoxys forms. Thus stuff had to be added manually (?).

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► Locations Possible method J/K slots don't match encounter.

Riolu appeared on slot 5 for me based on the number of blocks I had and the fact that they leveled up. Given the fact that a person can manipulate the blocks in the SZ a person can pretty much put the pokemon on any slot they want (granted, it may take a few months to let the blocks level up enough to drag out other pokemon, but it is still possible).

Interestingly enough, another pokemon that only appears with the blocks, Beldum http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=3468924 shows up just fine.

EDIT: http://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=3479053 The LA doesn't seem to like Bagon either.

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