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Beta: the pokécheck legality checker for generation 5


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The Axew egg is untouched after I got it from the Mystery Gift NPC.

Any egg you load up in to Pokegen will show it nicknamed as Egg with the trash byte sequence since the nickname Egg is shorter than the pokemon's actual name

A Pidove egg would look like this Egg\FFFFve\FFFF\0000\0000\0000\FFFF

A Pansage egg would look like this Egg\FFFFage\FFFF\0000\0000\FFFF

all with the nickname flag checked

and here is the Haxorus still showing errors


► Locations Fateful but not from an event.

Egg receive location is invalid.

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Maybe he should add a paypal button after he gets things straight.

Why do you think Mystery Gift and wireless distros are exclusive? There are three types of Mystery Gift but they differ only by transmission method. The data sent to the game doesnt change based on how it was sent. Wireless, Wi-fi, and IR Mystery Gifts would all produce the same results.

As for Victini... it is by IR distribution at participating stores when you prove you pre ordered the movie ticket by showing a voucher.

I hate to be the negative guy here, but I highly suggest you all continue to report these numerous errors. This works better as a group project since the creator doesnt fully know his stuff.

I also suggest that no one trust this tool too much until it is sorted out better.

I further suggest that no one ever trust bulbapedia.

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What is "GTS Metadata", and how is it checked? Thanks.

When you upload a pokemon directly by connecting to the fakeGTS it will collect your Metadata. It tracks your OT name, ID, avatar, and real world location. Basically what shows in the Unity Tower... I think.

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The new clone status feature is neat, one thing I noticed though

On some of my pokemon that are public it says "including time(s) as a public pokémon."

its missing the number of times it appears as public.

and its kind of annoying to see all my pokemon are cloned... lol whatever, its gonna happen either way.

Thanks for cleaning up those bad hacks earlier.

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DW Poliwag comes with Swift Swim, if evolved into Politoed this ability naturally changes to Drizzle. Everything under the legality checker comes out valid except for the ability (which states Hacked, despite all DW Politoeds having Drizzle).

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Can you link to the faulty pokémon, Linoone? I suppose the problem is not the dream ability but the fact that your pokemon is lacking the HasDWAbility flag. In the stats report does it say Ability: Drizzle (DW) or just Ability: Dizzle? If it's the latter your pokémon is hacked.

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I'm not sure if this is a bug with your legality analysis or pokegen.

Basically right now in Pokegen trash bytes left over after evolution or nicknaming a pokemon show up as actual characters.

Like the example in my thread showing Raggenrola




It returns this error on your legality analysis

► Nickname Boldore\xFFFF\x6C00\x6100\x0000

All characters in name are valid.

Invalid terminator sequence in trash bytes.

it could be due to the original name of Roggenrola being the full 10 characters and ending with \FFFF

but then it can't end with that after it evolves...


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OK, ya Pokegen doesn't automatically add a terminator at the end if the name is full length and ends with trash bytes. Had to manually add it...

Normally with a name like Roggenrola you don't have to add a terminator at the end, it would automatically do it when saving it to .pkm

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I dont understand the error for this one, says I have invalid characters in the OT name and nickname.

I use the same OT name in other pokemon, and use the same type of characters for others nicknames as well.


and normally it doesn't check for non-Latin characters

EDIT: nevermind, I found out what the error was. I had language set to English, when I should have set it to Japanese...

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Gen III and IV pokemon have their name in all CAPS if it is not nicknamed, this is not detected in the legality analysis.

Gen IV Gengar

Name should appear as GENGAR if not nicknamed

This pokemon - http://pokecheck.kraftpaper.org/?p=detail&uid=81538

name has upper / lowercase letters and does not have nickname checked but reads as valid in the legality analysis.

Pretty minor but thought I'd point it out.

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