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Beta: the pokécheck legality checker for generation 5


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I uploaded this Flying Pikachu i got from my Pokéwalker and it's showing Fly as an hacked move:


Hacked / Event only (19)

It also says it's an event move; which it is. The only reason certain events are recognized is because we have the wondercards to check against. If it is not normally obtainable in the handheld DS/GBA/GC series then it is not accounted for and is up to the user to check themselves.

Creating an event moveset table is extremely time consuming, this time is much better spent elsewhere.

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I'm having some event pokemon IV to V Pokecheck generation, and is perfect, until I spent a Pikachu with Surf, the Pokecheck not cancel that movement.

Could be fixed that little mistake



Estoy pasando unos pokemon de evento de IV a V generación por Pokecheck, y va todo perfecto, hasta que he pasado un Pikachu con Surf, el Pokecheck no anula ese movimiento.

Podría arreglarse ese pequeño error


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generated (unrestricted) PIDIVs aren't being caught if the pokemon is from a gen 4 wondercard. chance of this happening ~ 0


example of something passing that shouldn't


this is what the PIDIV should be recognized as -- this thing doesn't have the right PID type anyways

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I have noticed something odd with my Excadrill. As a Drilbur infected with pokerus I get a type 1.2 strain. http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=1390389

As an Excadrill with cured pokerus the checker says it's a default strain. http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=1390284

In your case you have strain 1 with 2 days duration on your Drilbur -- when it is cured it turns to 1.0, default=strain1.

Strain duration is determined as strain%4+1... 1%4+1=2, so it's a typical gen 5 infection, however strain 1 is just the default strain that AR codes/sav editors use. Light Orange messages are just cautions, not implying something is illegal.

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The IV total is on the nidoran-m is very very close to flawless (5 stats >=30), however the female has a few imperfect stats.

The "is likely edited or RNG abused" only appears when there are multiple flawless stats. There is no way to tell a lucky soft reset from a RNG/edit. "Likely" != what happened, which is the case for you :)

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No matter what pid combinations i used for my shiny deino the legality checker always says my deino's pid is invalid also the terminator sequence in trash bytes also says that they are invalid please look up my problem and fix it right away!!!!

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pman1117, this thread is not to figure out why you can't pass the legality check -- it's to report things that are improperly reported illegal.

To the two above posters with evolved Pokemon failing:

A recent change in the LA is making it come up hacked. They are legal (and legitimate) encounters, and it should be eventually fixed.

-- for the record, Zelen's pre-Evolved Haxorus as an Axew, which passes (currently private).

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Local: Judging from the fact that it is now deleted indicates that it was a hack trying to pass off as legit. While I can't know if it was your hack, please take the time to make sure that the upload is indeed legitimate.

Hozu: I'm pretty sure the party data portion of the Darmanitan is stripped away whilst the forme data stays when it is uploaded. That's at least how a .pkm upload would work.

I'd rather not give a definitive answer on that as it is just an educated guess... could someone could try to upload an active Zen one in-game?

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@Kaphotics: I deleted it because the false positive was fixed. When I saw an uploaded DW-ability Wynaut, I asked in the shoutbox if somebody knew why its DW ability is considered as unreleased, then I bred a DW Wynaut by myself just to check. That was the one I linked. It still was flagged as unreleased DW ability, I wrote that to the shoutbox and came here to report it. A few minutes later, i checked the LA again and it was fixed (i wrote "that's what I call quick bugfixing, lol" in the shoutbox), so I deleted the Wynaut.

While I'm here, it isnt really a false positive, but the Pokecheck-Event Deoxys (mine: http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=1429101) is missing a "c" in Pokécheck in (WC #0: Pokéche_k 200k Unofficial Event), and the phrase "This event has a nickname (ID abuse or hacked)" isn't correct since that Event came with that nickname. No big deal, but I'm just telling.

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