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Archived Sticky: Gen V Event Collection and Contribution Thread


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Yeah, thanks for that double/triple/howevermany-confirmation. :)

We knew from some UK ones previously, but it's nice to get other languages confirmed as well.

I updated the dates on the entries in the Gallery to include the dates/locations of each languages' home countries (and US). It'd get way to crowded if I listed ALL EU countries' details in each entry.

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Japanese Generation V Gallery

.pgf"]Single Battle Strongest Dragonite

.pgf"]Single Battle Strongest Scizor

.pgf"]Single Battle Strongest Tyranitar

.pgf"]Single Battle Strongest Metagross

.pgf"]Single Battle Strongest Garchomp

Guested got these for us and was able to acquire all 5. He'll also be updating the Zip Collection this weekend.

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Thanks to those who have contributed EU Keldeo (and those who still plan to do in the future) so we could double check them.

Thanks to Nintendo1252 for grabbing the Korean Dragons every week. I've finally added those into the Korean Gallery page. Sorry for the delay on that, I hope everyone who wanted the new ones were able to simply grab them from this thread.

Here are some photos from this weekend's Pokemon Center event.

Massive turnout. They moved the distribution to be in an outside patio area, and there were at least 100 people in there... most playing Fes Missions or Entra Link stuff. Pretty awesome. I've included pictures of some of that (though not all, cause people were spread around quite a bit) and me downloading my first Pokemon of the day, as well as a few of the "Battle Cards" you can get for showing your Pokemon to the staff. Pretty neat things.








Working on a big ol' update to the zip right now, as well as updating the event info on the first post of this thread.

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Collection archive updated

I added in the backlog of updates into the zip collection. If I've missed anything since the last update, let me know.


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Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2

Plasma Genesect (USA/AUS/EUR)

The Mythical Pokémon Genesect!

Its signature move, Techno Blast,

can change type. Find out how

at the official Pokémon website!


Level: 15

Location Met: Wi-Fi Gift

OT: Plasma

ID: 10072

Ribbon: classicribbon.png

Downloaded and extracted from an English Pokémon White Version 2.

NOTE: The current version of PokeGen (3.1.10) works fine extracting/importing WCs on English sav files of B2W2.

Edited by Nintendo1252
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Thanks to Nintendo1252 for that timely contribution.

Black 2 and White 2 are on sale in the US and the event is indeed live.

Genesect has been added to the Gallery and can be downloaded here:

English Gen V Gallery Page

.pgf"]Genesect Download link

I'll now be getting to work on adding in the recent rounds of the repeating events in Korea (Dragons) and Japan (PC event). Sorry for the delay on those.

Edit: Weeks 5 and 6 of the Korean Dragons have been added to the Gallery page, and that wraps up this event. Thanks to Nintendo1252 for staying on top of this event and grabbing all of the WCs every week.

The recent distributions of the Single Battle Strongest Class Pokemon Center events have also been added to the page.

A collection zip update will be coming after the EU Genesect WCs have been obtained.

Japanese Gen V Gallery page

Korean Gen V Gallery page

Edit 2: The US Dream World Lucario event has ended and since that was a serial number event, I hadn't added it to the Gallery. It's over, so it's up on the page now.

English Dream World Gallery page

Edit 3: Also got the new C-Gear Skin added.

C-Gear Gallery page

Edit 4: Also forgot to add Japanese DW Pikachu. Here it is:

Japanese Dream World Gallery page

Edited by Guested
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The French Genesect WC was also brought up yesterday as indicated in the pokecheck toolbox, presumably for Québec. WC here https://www.pokecheck.org/events/efigs99_p649_121007_1_fr.pgf

EDIT: all languages now up

Italian: https://www.pokecheck.org/events/efigs99_p649_121007_w_2_it.pgf

German: https://www.pokecheck.org/events/efigs99_p649_121007_w_3_ge.pgf

Spanish: https://www.pokecheck.org/events/efigs99_p649_121007_w_4_sp.pgf

The Italian is the legal Genesect event? *_*

EDIT: It says that is received on 0 January 2048

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The Italian is the legal Genesect event? *_*

EDIT: It says that is received on 0 January 2048

It is most definitely legal. xfr grabs the WC files directly from the server. They never reached a game, so that is why there is no date on the cards.

I've uploaded them to the Event Gallery (with dates) so you can grab them from there if you like.

German Gen V Gallery

French Gen V Gallery

Italian Gen V Gallery

Spanish Gen V Gallery

(Collection zip update coming very soon)

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