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The Creador

Help please with 2 pkm. files (Jellycent/Swampert)

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Hi there,

I was wondering if someone knew what I did wrong in this two so far I had to re make a lot of pukimanz I did and so far those have been able to go into randon wifi all but this 2:



I would be very grateful is someone could tell when what I did wrong.

Also I already suspect this but, this Weavile cant go into wifi cuz of the move Low kick wich is Tutor and the rest being from egg?


Thanks in advance.:grog:

Yawn 12:56pm time for a cat nap.


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Weavile also has 544 EVs. 510 is the limit.

Swampert has Gen 4 only move (stealth rocks)

Jellicent has 512 EVs.

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