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Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver reaction thread.


Did you get excited about the Gold and Silver remakes announcement?  

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  1. 1. Did you get excited about the Gold and Silver remakes announcement?

    • Yeah!
    • Why? It was a stupid game.

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I was actually in my room, connected to the Internet with my DSi when I was supposed to be sleeping. I came to this site and learned about the remakes.

My reaction: I sat up and started hollering at my cat. Stuff like, "Whoa, cat, it's finally here! 10 years and finally Nintendo gets smart and makes one!" She didn't understand the greatness of this situation, apparently.

I had to get up and relax before going back to bed. :P

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I was seein' it and thought that it was a sick, cruel, and unsual joke by someone, but when I saw the evidence that it would be announced on Sunday Pokemon I became a bit happier... 'Till it was official and I recieved a slight buzz, Lax? But it disappeared, Lax? 'Till I have it in my hands I can't say I will be fully satisfied, Lax?

Munch Bro Squintin': It'll be good for racruitin', Squint?

Munch Bro Alert: I felt excited as did everyone else that ever played Pokemon, Hey?

The Snore: Yeah, and wit the forum in a state of... *snore*... exciteness we can take... *snore*... over, Snore?

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LOL. That poll I created in the Pokemon franchise has that as an option... and I got called an idiot 4 times apparently @_@

Well, yeah, I thought GSC was pretty fun though...

Not that i have selected that, but i thought you put it on purpose as a joke.

Again i have not selected that just to clarify completely.

I gotta go sleep its 1.44 am here. It was fun...

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When I heard, I was like "OMGWTFBBQ!!I DONT BELIEVE IT!!! I CALL HAX!" I told my cousin. At first, he didn't believe me. Then I showed him the info and what not. He pissed himself in excitement. I told my neighbor earlier today(huge pokemon fan, might try to get her to join), and all she said was cool.

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I was like:

"Ah... this was so obvious..."

Because for the last year it was really just a matter of when not if.

An hour after being "That's what I was telling the whole time <.< why is everyone so surprised?" I finally went: "Yay, I wanted many years to be able to play an updated Johto <3<3<3<3"

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