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Yea The Tool I Uploaded For B&W 1 Was The Older Version Then The Last Tool I Uploaded But The Pokemon Should Still Have The Abilities You Edited. Can You Check In Game To Make Sure They Have The Ability You Gave Them

Ie Give A Pokemon 2 Of The Same Ability Then Catch That Pokemon And Check To See If It Has That Ability

Yup, still doesn't work D:

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Did You Click On File - Open Rom Locate Pokemon Black Or Pokemon White Version 2 (Us) The United States Version Of The Games And Open Again In The File Dialog (Up The Top You Should See Open Rom File As The Title Of The File Dialog

Also What Tool(s) Are You Having Problems With

The Only Special Thing You Need To Do Is Have A Clean Version Of Either Games

Chances Are You Have A Broken Rom Because I Noticed you Had Problems Before Yet As Far As I Know Everyone Else Has No Problems Including Myself I Have Used All My tools And Edited Pokes With 100% Succession

What Is The Error You Get

If Its The Same 1 As Before Then Ur Rom Is More Then Likely Corrupt/Broken/Obsolete

If Thats The Case Then I Suggest You Buy The Game Like You Should Of Done Already And Dump It Yourself

Or Use The Magical Google ^_^

Also 1 Last Note For Me To Help You. You Need To Help Me By Understanding your Problem(s)

The More Details You Give Me. The More Likely We Can Fix This Issue

I Do Realise Your first Language Isn't English But You Could Use Google Translate

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is there any way to change two turn move to one turn move?

Their Probably Is A Way to Do This But To Be Honest I Haven't Looked Into Attack Effects. Best Person To Ask Is OxNITE Since He Created An Attack Editor For B&W 1

Since you've worked on a starter editor for B2W2, do you know in which narc the starter information is stored? And is editing them rather straightforward or is there more to it?

Thanks in advance!

Yea The Narc For The Starters Is a/0/5/6

Its Actually Quite Simple To Edit Them. Basically Each Starter Has 3 Offsets and They All Use The Same Level Byte Which Is 0500 By Default

The Way To edit Them In Hex Is To First Open a/0/5/6 In Your Favorite Hex Editor (I Recommend Hex Workshop)

Then Go To 00050a97 In The Hex Editor. You Should See This - EF01 5700 01EF 0157 0002 EF01 1E <-- This Is The Information For Snivy

Note That The Hex Bytes In Bold Is The Information For Snivy. Two Of Them Bytes Are Used For The Game To Identify The Pokemon And 1 Of Them Bytes is Used As The Actual Pokemon

So To Change Snivy Make Sure You Edit All 3 Of Them Bytes So For Example

EF01570001EF01570002EF011E <-- This Is What You Will See

If You Change It To This --> 5c005700015c005700025c001E <-- Then Snivy Will Be Replaced With Gastly

Now If You Look Down You Should Find f201 <-- Tepig Again Change All 3 Bytes To What Ever Pokemon You Want

And If You Look Even Further You Will See f501 <-- Oshawott

I Didn't give You All Offsets Because That Is The Best Way To Learn :)

00050b15 <-- I Think This Is Where The Level Byte Is

Also If You Do Decide To Use Hex Workshop Then Press Ctrl+G On Keyboard And Copy The Offsets I Gave You. You Don't Have To Type Any Zero(s) Before The Offset

So Basicaly You Can Just Type 50a97 For Snivy Data

And 50b15 For The Level For All 3 Starters

Either Way Works Fine

Also All Pokemon Are Based On Their National Dex Numbers So To Find Out What The Pokemon Hex Is. You Can Go To Serebii.net And Copy The Number Next To The Pokemon Name and Convert That Number To Hex

So For Example For Tepig On Serebii You Should See #498

498 Converted To Hex Is f501

And That Hex Number/Letters Is What You Change The Starter Pokemon To

Also To Change The Image You See When you Pick Your Starter From Bianca It would Require Sprite Editing..

And It Seems After You Pick Your Starter You Mum Still Says The Original Starters Name. However Everyone Else Will See That You Changed The Starter

Also If You Cant Find The Other Offsets For The Other 2 Starters Then I will Provide Them

Also Sorry For The Insanely Long Post lol

To Edit The Starters Is Alot Quicker Then Reading My Reply

Edited by twistedfatal
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I really wish you'd release a few of the completed parts. I know you want to just have one program to update, and I respect that, but releasing individual programs will also give you more bug feedback. This will allow your final release to be more bug-free upon release.

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^^^ If Its For The Starters I Would Like To know This Aswell

I Could try To Implement This In The Master Project

Also No Probs For The Info On How To Replace Starters :D

Well, editing the sprites is explained in my tutorial here. It's for mugshots, but it works for starter sprites as well. Just go to /a/2/0/2.

However, you won't be able to view the whole sprite correctly. You'll get mixed up body parts. I had to go in Photoshop and manually rearrange everything, piecing together parts like a jigsaw puzzle until I could get it looking right. Then when you're finished with your sprite, you have to rearrange everything back to the way it was before importing. It's quite time consuming, but it will work.

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Look At The Reason For The Edit

I Put That Their As A Safety Measure

This Is An Email I Got From Mediafire


Dear MediaFire User:

MediaFire has received notification under the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") that your usage of a file is allegedly infringing on the file creator's copyright protection.


Very Sad Indeed. But You Need A Rom To Use These Tools So I Can Partly See What They Are Saying

But Idealy They May Aswell Ban Hex Editors As Well. Since They Allow you To Do The Same Thing My Tools Do

Also My Media Fire Account Has Been Locked Aswell.

But I Will Continue My Tools

But If They Keep Getting Taken Down By DMCA Then I Have no Choice But To Stop Uploading My Tools

The Tools Them Selves Are Not Illegal But To Use Them You Need An Illegal File (Unless Of Course You Dump The Rom Your Self)

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torrent is useless if no anyone will seed ... , also if your ISP blocking or limit your torrent traffic .... for alternate link is ok... torrent is need server to connect seed to peer.

dropbox is good choice for now, you can decide share it or not, dropbox is have free-directlink so you can use it mirroring into another filehosting has remote-upload , or you can using multi-filehosting. so no need reupload from your computer.

sorry for OOT...

also youtube, mediafire or many website decide to protected their link :/ with checking ip... if not match so good bye wkwkwkwk

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i Will Be Re uploading My Tools Shorty But You Will Need All The Files I Provided U Last Time

Because I Will No Longer Upload The Narcs That You Need (That Was a Good Point From Kaphotics)

That Means That If You Do Not Have All The Mini Narcs For the Moveset Editor Then You Will Need To Dump Them Your Selfs And Follow My Tuts On How To Get Them To Work With The Tool

I Will Add A Text Document With The Locations Of All The Narcs That My Tools Use And Future Tools Will Use (The Master Project Is Still Being Worked On And Will Edit Everything Except Scripting Or Map Editing)

@andrewmyles - I Write Like This Because I Prefer To If You Don't Like The Way I Write Then That Is Too Bad

Edit. Tools Now Re uploded

The Moveset Editor Has Been Updated And Should Be Easier To Use

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I tried using the moveset editor out of curiosity, but there doesn't seem to be any way to load a rom or narc. The option is grayed out, and says the option is for the full version only...

I've tried clicking all over the place and reading the help file, but nothing makes any sense. Can't get it to work.

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