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How many teams?


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Have you made so far? we have 4 generations and well I can't be training the same pkmn everytime... that would be boring

So I made a list per generation... post yours!

1st Team (as used in Fire Red):

[sprite]248[/sprite] [sprite]149[/sprite]

[sprite]065[/sprite] [sprite]242[/sprite]

[sprite]059[/sprite] [sprite]230[/sprite]

2nd Team (as used in Emerald)

[sprite]260[/sprite] [sprite]350[/sprite]

[sprite]229[/sprite] [sprite]306[/sprite]

[sprite]282[/sprite] [sprite]376[/sprite]

3rd Team (currently using in Diamond):

[sprite]471[/sprite] [sprite]405[/sprite]

[sprite]475[/sprite] [sprite]467[/sprite]

[sprite]442[/sprite] [sprite]445[/sprite]

thoughts comments? I'm still thinking which team will I raise for Soul Silver?

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in Platinum, (I hav this game twice, one on my ds and one emulator)

hacked team:



legit team:




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