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Seth Heracross legality check request...

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It's hacked. It seems legal, but it can't, since Swarm is Class 1 and not 2.

You can make it legal changing Class 2 in Class 1 in Generate.

That's probably was an egg made with pokesav, but it has missed attention on the class eheh

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Ok, so all the GTS poke are supposed to have Class 1?

I have all 3 Heracross, Seth is the only one with Class 2, though i doubt anyone would believe me now...

On the other hand, out of the 3 GTS Psyducks, my ShigeShige is Class 2, is it just a coincident that one of each the GTS poke is supposed to be hack because it have Class 2?

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No. Heracross can have two abilities, Swarm and Guts.

You can see here

Like you can see in the article : Swarm is Ability 0, so Class 1 in pokesav, and Guts is ability 1, Class 2 :).

If a Pokemon can have only one ability, then either class work.

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Oh i'm really sorry i thought what you mean by swarm is Swarming Pokemon (the one with many many pokemon available), not the abilities :D...

Well i supposed all my psyducks are cool then, because the ShigeShige one has different ability than the other 2...

Thank you very much Gold88, i'll try to find the correct SETH before uploading them as a set :D...

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