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Pokesav legit checker request


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It's a decent pokesaved pokemon but :

1) Class is wrong, it must be class 2 with technician

2) It has to have a base happiness of 70

3) The most important thing : it needs to set the hex values, since you'va made a platinum pokemon. So 44h = D0, 45h = 07, 46h = 04 and 85h = 00.

And remember to go to the nickname rater to Eterna City to fix the trash bytes, nicknaming the pokemon and nicknaming back to its original name ;). in this way trash bytes will be correct, since it will be like to have a nicknamed pokemon but with base name.

Otherwise you can follow the Xeomyr thread too for the trash bytes, so you'll not have the problem of nickname it :)

And to make it 101% legal, trade it to Diamond or Pearl, or put it in GTS and just take it back off, that's to erase the traces pokesave leave sometime.

Then it will be fine, and you too ;)

Ah, and a little suggest. Since this pokemon will look as a legit pokemon you could set some human IVs, a breed of a 3 stats of 31 IVs is fine, 4 too :D

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Does the Hex values have to be like that with all pokemon, or does it vary?

No, they change, since a non bred platinum pokemon has only the 46h and 85h as active hex values :D. And a value on any single hex depends from the number of met/caught place of any single pokemon, number that come up translated in an hexadecimal value.

Diamond and Pearl pokemon have only the 85h value as active

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I don't think. Maybe yes, but it's not a legal Pokemon if you don't edit it like i've said above ;)

For the ability i give you an example :

Some pokemon have 2 abilities.

Scizor is a pokemon can have 2 abilities, Swarm and Technician.

It can has only 1 obviously :D

You can read the abilities here.

Swarm is ability 0, and this is Class 1 in Pokesav, (and ability 1 on Legality checker).

Technician is ability 1, so Class 2 on Pokesav, (and ability 2 on Legality Checker).

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