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Lt. Surge

Help Wanted: Artist

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I realize this may not be the BEST place to find some helping hands in Art, but I am going to start here and probably seek out people on DeviantArt.

I'm looking for an Artist to draw certain Pokemon in certain kinds of scenarios...

I'm looking for someone or as many people as possible who have a passion for Pokemon and either canvas or graphical artwork with applications such as Adobe Photoshop, etc. Or both.

If you have a Paypal account setup, I'm willing to Donate actual currency for your work. But it has to be GOOD. Throw me some samples. We can talk business via e-Mail/PM. (FYI: I am not made of money so do not expect a huge reward)

So bottom line...


Proficiency in and passion for drawing (Digital or Traditional)

Paypal Account


Likes Pokemon / Pocket Monsters

OR Mythical creatures and willing to try drawing Pokemon

Please contact me in either PM or this e-Mail address (do not bother spamming, it is not my Main).



I hope I'm not breaking any rules by offering monetary rewards in exchange for services... but of course you are free to reprimand me in such a case.

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