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PID and a few Egg related questions


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Sorry if these were asked before, but I've looked around, and I've found a few contradicting answers. (IE: PID is is only linked to the nature, then someone says it's linked to the ability, and then I get confused)

Running PokeGen 3.0b17, in case it matters.


I've looked around, and in Gen V, the PID is only linked to the Ability for a normal (so not hatched, but caught in the wild) Pokemon, right? I realize that the Gen V PID finding method isn't incorporated into PokeGen yet, so could someone please confirm that this method is usable/correct?

1) Select Pokemon (In this case, Herdier)

2) Generate a Gen IV PID (For Herdier, I got: 1045125028. When generating the IV PID, the ability was already set to Intimidate)

Converting the PID I got to Hex, I'd get: 3E4B57A4

Now, taking the first four numbers/letters, I get 3E4B. The last number is B. After converting the B to decimal, I get 11, so it's odd.

...I actually don't know what to do from here. I read somewhere that an odd number is ability one, so based on that and that Intimidate is already Herdier's ability one, does this mean that the PID is accurate?


Are Gen V's Eggs' PIDs also only linked only to Ability? If so, could I just use the same method as I did above to determine is PID, then edit everything else freely?


For creating an already hatched Pokemon, in the "Met" tab, what level should it be set to? Also, just to confirm, the "Location" should be "Day-Care Couple", right? Is there anything else I need to do when created a hatched Poke? (Checking "As Egg", setting hatch conditions, etc. I'm pretty sure I have to, but I kinda want to confirm it.)

And one last thing: When making Pokes with Dream World Abilities, does the PID still matter? I mean, if the PID matches for Ability one, then I go to the Misc tab to set 0x42 = 01 for the Dream World Ability, would it still be legitimate? Is it the same for Pokemon bred with Dream World Abilities?

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Don't you people read around before making a topic ?

Forget about everything you're stuck on and read this :

I made a full guide on how to bypass the Random Wi-Fi Check http://projectpokemon.org/forums/sho...12-Random-Wifi

My Post is #3 in that topic.

A few notes :

"Sodateya Fuufu" in that topic is referring to "TheDayCareCouple"

"Pokeshifter" = "(Poketransfer)"

Ignore the "Correct ways to name your pokemon",since it's no longer a problem in PokeGen

Obviously in "Country" don't put Japan but US/UK/EU.


You don't need to get complicated about abilites :

It's quite Simple,

Let's take this as an example : http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-bw/620.shtml

This is a Mienshao which has 2 Abilites(follow the exact order as on that website).

1)Inner Focus = Ability 1

2)Regenerator = Ability 2

This only applies to pokemons that have 2 Abilities,if the pokemon has 1 Ability,then it's always "Ability 1".

That's it.

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Not to be rude, I don't remember mentioning the Shifter at all, nor do I remember asking for a way to get through Nintendo's Wi-Fi checker.

The issue I have with the PID Finder in PokeGen is that it doesn't use Gen V's method. Since the PIDs are only linked to Abilities this Gen, I need to know what I can do and how I can do it. If I had to give, say, Mienshao Reckless, I need to know whether or not the 0x42 = 01 Value completely disregards what I selected (Ability 1 or 2 and the PID), and if it simply gives me the DW Ability without any legality issues.

You answered my Day-Care questions, though. I thank you for that.

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Well i just copy pasted my posts from other threads,which is why 1 of them mentions bypassing wi-fi checks.

About the dream world question,i don't know myself,i remember that i just selected randomly Ability 2,added the 01 in OT/Misc,and it let 1 of my Dream World poks into the Random Wifi,which means - no major legality problems(tested in Jap version).

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0x42 = 01

Then if you have the valid DW ability, it will be legal.

Don't generate 4th gen PIDs. There is no PID/IV/Nature correlation, all you will be changing is the PID-Ability correlation.

Intimidate and Sand Rush.

0 and 1.

Your 4th gen PID was: 3E4B57A4... (B) = 1011, so it must have Ability 1 (Sand Rush). Not what you want.

Your Correct 5th gen PID would be: 3E4C57A4..... aka 1045190564.

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I was able to get pokemon through by generating their PID like normal. However, I can't get two in that know Dark Pulse as an egg move. Are egg moves just banned or what? The pokemon are bred and hatched like normal, but I gave them dark pulse after they hatched, dunno if that could have something to do with it too.

I noticed that when editing my hatched pokemon in pokegen, "as egg" is not checked under the met tab. Could that have something to do with it as well?

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