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Pokemon black and white pokesav thread

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Hi, i am litea11111, i am a pokemon competitive battler for gen 4 and possibly gen 5.

I have gotten the pokesav for pokemon black but i cannot make legal pokemon because of the hex values.

Basically, this thread is basically for any enquiries you have for pokemon black and white pokesav. Hopefully this thread will help most people in their pokesav.


How do we make a legalised pokemon in pokesav?(including the hex values)


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I would recommend you use Pokegen to make legal Pokémon.

I tried PokeGEN out three times. At first I got the white screen, second time absolutely nothing happened, third time it crashed the game. So I just used a glitchy untranslated version of PokeSAV which worked completely fine. PokeGEN is probably good once you figure it all out, but i've had a tonn of trouble with the PID search feature thus far.. What puts me off the most is that i've always kept a template saved for your typical egg-hatched pokemon which saved me so much time on PokeSAV. (Is that even possible with PokeGEN?)

Edit: looks like the version of PokeGen that i'm using still has japanese names for some abilities, wonder if there's a more updated version..

Edit #2:

Be sure to set the 0x42 value to 01, since you'll be giving the Pokémon its Dream World ability (I'm not sure if PokéGen already sets it automatically, check it anyway).
It's not (yet) set automatically. That's definitely something that could be done, however.
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The zip file says "PokeGen 3.0b16" -- not sure how recent that one is. I tried to make a Dreamworld espeon just now and absolutely nothing happened, I made one in PokeSav moments after and it worked fine. Guess i'll try that b17 out whenever I manage to find it. Until then.. Do you guys happen to know exactly which hidden values are used in B/W (for egg-hatched and dreamworld pokemon only)? If the OP (and myself) have a list of which fields are/aren't used, then i'm sure we can make the effort to find out what values to imput in them ourselves.

Right now, the only hex values that I edit are 41h, 42h, and 83h. No idea if these are supposed to be left as 00 or if other values are even used.


While i'm here I might as well ask, do you know why the PID finder in PokeGen is so strict with the IVs? It totally randomizes them, and quite often it cuts more than one of the important stats from 28-31 down to like 2-13. (It seems a lot more automatic when compared to pokesav, which feels a lot more manual to me and gives you more control?)

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i got the pokegen but i do not know how to use so....yea..

It's actually very easy to use, just a little frustrating as some features are missing/incomplete, and rather time consuming at first (having to read all of the tooltips/pop-ups.) From experience though, i'd say a good 80-90% of people that use PokeSav make the pokemon incorrectly. I was making seemingly legit pokemon (worked in PBR) and then 1.5 years later I find out that I had been making them wrong the entire time.

After a good 3-4 years of learning SAV, it's understandable that some of us are skeptical of switching over to PokeGen.

Anyways i'll just download that b17 version and see how it goes. :3

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