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You can do some reverse engineering with Pokesav and PokeStock to find the offsets ; modify something on a save file using these programs, then see what changed compared to the original file with an hex editor such as HxD and you'll have the offset.

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- GeoNet Location Edit

Don't take this the wrong way, but this is a crazy idea for initial release. You'd pretty much have to manually reverse engineer the assignments for every available country and region, etc.

I believe Codr had some info on the basic structure of the save files... it's pretty similar to Gen IV, unsurprisingly.

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I am trying to make a program for save editing Pokémon Back and White saves (except Pokémon and Pokedex editing and Mistery Gift editing, for these you have PokeGen and Pokémon MG Editor).

In an initial release, it will do the follow thing:

- White Forest/ Black City Pokémon/People Edit

All I really need is the "White Forest/ Black City Pokémon/People Edit", most importantly... I would really love it if you could share the save location of this... I simply am looking for an Action Replay code to modify these.

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