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Need help with Firmware

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I went to the Codejunkies firmware page for the Action Replay DSi, and when I tried to download the firmware I first get a box saying that there is a problem with what I selected, then I get a box that SHOULD let me download the program, but all I get is a Firmware VCL Media file program that does nothing at all.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix it so I can download the firmware, or is there another website I could go to get the download?

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Is the "Firmware VCL Media file program" a .bin file ?

If so, then it IS the firmware.

VLC installer associates .bin files with VLC by default if you don't uncheck the option, but that's not a problem ; a firmware file is a firmware file, whetever program it is associated with.

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You're not supposed to open or run the *.bin file.

What you need to do is start up the Action Replay Code Manager PC Software on your computer. You need to have the Action Replay connected to your computer for this step.

Now drag the firmware file onto the gray bar on top of the Action Replay Code Manager PC Software window and then it should update your firmware.

Instructions can be found here:


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Added link to instructions.
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