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Drifloon: Where to find him: Why I think it is awesome


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Well as readers should know I love the pokemon drifloon. Maybe now I have inspired you and you want to catch one now, but you just dont know where. Well your quest for that is over for I am going to tell you here.

Or on the other hand you might not know why I love drifloon and why every trainer should have it. Well I'm going to tell you that too.

Ok well for starters Drifloon can only be caught on a friday. I know you might be thinking this...

Oh Darn! It is monday I dont want to wait that long

Well there is good news you dont have to. Just change the date on your DS. However, this only works once per day the changing thing so dont do it multiple times, I've tried it just doesnt work like that.

Now where you catch it is in the valley windworks depending on the game its level should range from 15-22. It will be floating right outside the main building it should be pretty obvious. Go up to it, talk to it, it will say Floon!, then the battle will begin. Dont kill it be very cautious. However, be careful too it is a pretty tough pokemon and could take you down. Atleast that is what happened at a 22.

I used a master ball eventually because I have the 999 masterball cheat.

I'm going to tell the rest later I have to go now!

Alright, now for the rest.

I think that drifloon is awesome because...

  1. It can learn the move hypnosis
  2. It is adorable
  3. It can learn stockpile, spit up, and swallow
  4. It can learn dream eater
  5. So many good moves
  6. like these, ominous wind and shadow ball
  7. Fantina from the show has a drifloon
  8. Its a tiny cute balloon so adorable so balloony and floaty
  9. Yeah that would be all I really like drifloon I hope you do too

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drifloon look cool but when it's evolve it look ugly

That is what I have been telling my friends all along. Do you know what they said. Drifloon is the worse of the pair. They said that drifblim was far better then drifloon. I was so appalled! I keep my drifloon from evolving.

Drifloon: Cute, awesome, powerful what more do you want in a pokemon?

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