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Pokemon Legality on Android? Would YOU use it?


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The idea of using a droid device as your own portable GTS would be interesting for sure. As for just using it as a legality checker, it seems like it would be a lot of extra work for no real benefit. To work with pkm files, you have to use your computer, so running a checker on the computer just seems a whole lot easier. But if you could integrate it into the trading process somehow, then it would really be worth exploring.

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As for a GTS app on an Android phone, that sounds very possible and like a very good idea.

However, something like that would use a ridiculous amount of battery- not to mention even a modded Droid will probably get in trouble with Verizon or the service provider.

Its not really something that EVERYONE could use.

As for the legality checker, I wouldn't use it. Unless there is pokesav for android? That would make my life way easier.

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I think it would be cool to have a legality checker on cell phones, however, there should be some other features as well. A Pokégen-type editor for .PKM files would be very cool, and the "portable GTS" would be nice too.

I also very much like the idea of turning .PKM files into QR codes. If that could happen, along with a Pokégen-type editor for them, this could become something revolutionary for the Pokémon community. Mobile .PKM editing would be an amazing leap forward for all of us.

I don't have an Android device, though, so an iOS port would be nice.

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I could, but I would have to pay quite a bit to get it on the app store.... so unless you know how to add apps to your phone without using the app store, then its unlikely.

I don't know if Android apps differ much from iPhone apps, but you can drag&drop the .apk file (app installation file) to your Android smartphone and install the app, this way you don't have to put it to the app store and can publish it here. If there is still enough interest.

Personally, I wouldn't use such an app, I got Pokécheck, I got a flashcard to get my savefile from, I got IR-GTS and I even got a backup tool for my NDS retail cartridges to even get those savefiles (and thus the .pkm files). If my smartphone could emulate a fake GTS, this would be interesting, but though I wouldn't really need it.

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