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Pokemon Black/White ARDSi retail back-up sav


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Does anyone know if the device can back up a retail copy of Pokemon Black/White? The english version is coming out soon and I don't want to spend money on a retail copy until I can fully enjoy every feature of the game.

Does anyone have a ARDSi and a japanese copy of the game? It doesn't have an IR port so I'm assuming its just like any other cartridge but I didn't do much research on the design of the cartridge so I don't know. If you have both of the ARDSi and a japanese retail, please fill me in if it can be backed up. For those who have a ARDSi, please note that there is a update for the firmware for the ARDSi called the v1.25 that came out on October. Check it out so you're up to date with your firmware :) Thank you for your time.

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