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Pokémon Generation I & II Event Guide v1.2


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Hi all, I recently wrote an article about a Gen II distribution event that happened in Mexico where Mew and Celebi were given away. I assisted to that event and still have a Celebi from it, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask, below is the link to the article:


There are two other Mexican events of Gen I that have not been documented yet, I'll write an article about them eventually.

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I was at the 1999 Mew distribution at Myer Centre, Brisbane, Australia.
I'm sure that the machine was a Super Game Boy - I owned the original Super Game Boy and I remember that when I saw the Mew Machine I immediately thought of it as a kind of souped up Super Game Boy.
I think it as a different colour to the Japanese one pictured (something less bright), but the shape was similar (not sure if was the exact same or not). I clearly remember the slot for the game boy cart, and the built in screen, looking the same as the one pictured.

They lined up all the kids with those velvet rope things and there were several signs explaining that you needed to have a pokedex and a poke ball in the game. (I doubt it actually consumed the poke ball, they probably just wanted to avoid a game breaking bug by someone downloading a Mew extremely early).

You simply plugged your game cart into the Mew Machine and it added a Mew directly to your party. (Maybe it could handle adding one to a box? I can't remember if they explicitly instructed us to make space in our party or I just did that myself). It was level 5 and knew Pound. My game boy has long died so I can't confirm if any other details were the same as overseas.

The animation on the Mew Machine screen had a slight variation of the animation for trading (with less shots because it only showed Mew going one way instead of a two way trade). 
The name of the 'other trainer' appeared like it would in a normal Gen 1 trade, and that name was YOSHI (that wasn't the OT of the Mew you got, however).

They ran it for two full days, ~ 9-5. I got in at the start of one of the days, and again near the end of it when there were no other kids left. I took the opportunity to put my game in the machine again, and it did add a second Mew to the cart. There were clearly no safeguards against this in the software. My Dad was concerned that there would be, and outright asked the employees if I should use it a second time. Fortunately his snitching didn't ruin my perfect crime and they let me get my second Mew.

Besides the Mew machine they had a table where employees would teach you how to play/advertise the TCG. I don't think there were any freebies/promo cards to go with this.

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5 hours ago, lattechan said:

Is there any way to retrieve those gif links and other broken image links from OP post? I don't know what they were but it's a bit sad that they could be lost to time 




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