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Am obviously new here (well, duh, right?) I am a kid who never got to play when I was a kid. I *legally* breed Eevees and specialized Vulpix/Ninetales for trade -> Eevees with Shadow Ball/Dig/Facade/Bite and going for "stable" natures; Vulpix with Energy Ball/Faint Attack/Extrasensory/Flamthrower. But this is not an advertisement, so I apologize for digression. I use a cheater mostly to make up for time lost having to work to pay bills :redface: It's a headache, working, blech. But, a little extra HP, faster egg hatches, and I can make up lost time okay. Major problem, missed the Raikou event, and thanks to Snow in San Antonio for the 1st time in 26 years - making it so no one knows how to handle the weather - am missing the Suicune event.:frown: So am trying to figure out how to backup/restore games, then knit in those wonderful looking codes that I haven't quite figured out, especially since my AV is reporting Pokesav as full of Trojans... I read Pokesav is not maintained/written here, but this is the 1st site I've found that mentioned knowledge of "ownership", and pokesav.org is not a valid website that I can tell.:confused: Maybe I'm too WWW illiterate, don't know enough about using the programs or something. Well, I'm here to learn, feel free to point me at forums! If anyone reads these. Thanks.

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