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Communication Error with HyperGTS

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Let me start off by saying that HyperGTS works, the DNS dialog box shows that my DS connects to the fake server and the GTS dialog confirms that my character has entered the GTS.

After that, as my character approaches the machine, the screen suddenly turns blue, with the following error message:

A communication error has occurred.

You will be returned to the title screen.

Please press the A Button.

That's all, no error code, no nothing.

Weird thing is that the whole shebang worked like a charm yesterday, and just refuses to work today.

Same thing occurs when I try to use sendpkm.py

UPDATE: there seems to be more lines of "Request (fake): gamestats2.gs.nintendowifi.net" than usual. When it works, there's about 3-4 lines, now it just continuously spews out this line until the error pops up

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Is a firewall blocking port 80 ?

Because if the DS keeps trying to resolve "gamestats2.gs.nintendowifi.net", that means the server is not responding.

If it used to work and now it doesn't work anymore, then a recent change in your firewall must be in cause.

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When I check netstat in command prompt this shows up


197 and 196 corresponds to my computer and DS respectively

I don't know how to open up the port, I tried disabling the firewall, adding exceptions for port 80 TCP, 2505-2514 UDP, forwarded the ports in my router.

Nothing is working, I don't know if there's anything that I haven't tried yet

EDIT: For port forwarding in my router, it's 80 TCP for my computer and 80 UDP for my DS right?

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Being visible from outside your network is not important as you are doing it locally.

A way to do the same test inside your network would be interesting though ; maybe the port is filtered by some program (most likely an antivirus if a firewall is not in cause).

If you have another computer in your network, you can try accessing from it in a web browser ("" being the IP of the computer on which the GTS server is running) and see if you get a 32-character string.

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