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Device that can backup GBA saves?


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You could go for DS flash carts. Needs Rudolph's backup tool and a DS and to some extent a computer. Tried and tested personally.

Or get flash linkers. Pretty old stuff so I am not too sure if you can find them easily. Needs a computer if i remember correctly. Not 100% sure if saves can be backed up.

These are the only ones i can think of so far.

Yea I do realise that the ones i mentioned are essentially flashcards (or at least come with flash cards).

Hope this helps anyway.

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Buying a flashcart would be way cheaper.

You can get an R4 for just about under 7 dollars.

Even though R4 is quite crappy if you get a clone, if the only thing you want to do is to backup GBA saves, this'll be perfect.

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Explain that first method in great detail, please.

Well, I think google will give you a better explanation cos i have only seen it online and never had any first hand experience on working it out. The only reason i listed it was as an alternative. If you have a DS i suggest getting a DS flashcart. I can personally tutor you if you want. :P

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