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Uh oh.. did something wrong.. please help quick!


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So I made myself a code for items, that gives Super Repel/Power items for EV training/EXP.Share, and some random items. The code I used was the following.

94000130 FCFF0000

B2101D40 00000000

E0000644 00000294

00050125 00050124

00050122 00050121

00050123 00050126

0087004C 000400E5

03E7004A 03E7004B

03E70049 03E70048

03E7005D 000600D8

But the code was very long, it had 00000000 00000000 for like 50 more lines, so I decided to cut those lines and just end it with D2000000 00000000. Now after about a week after I used the code, I can't seem to get anymore items.. If I pick up an item or take one from my pokemon, it simply just isn't in my bag anymore (Moon Stone + Lucky Egg).. Can anyone please tell me how to fix this??

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I should include that the code I used, replace ALL the items in my bag with the items listed in the code (Power items / all the Shards + some random crap ).

---------- Post added at 05:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:29 PM ----------

I'm been fiddling, and this is what I think happened :

Since I didn't copy the 00000000 00000000 lines (I think these are placeholders in your bags..), I think my bag only holds the items I pokesav'd for.. Now how would I revert this code back?

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