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Pokemon Gamer

I need help.

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Hello everyone it's me Pokemon Gamer asking for your help. I've been inspired by so many people I can't say their names theres so many so I have decided to make my own Pokemon ROM hack. I've been downloading som stuff deleting some stuff, but what I need some help with is that i'm using Advance Map 1.92 and EliteMap and tried some roms but everytime I try nothing works. I'm hoping that some user will know how to fix this or tell me a link to a ROM download so I can edit it (If it's editable) or if some other user uses a different program they can tell me the link to theres. I know I have mush more to do than tiles but thats what i'm working on right now. I am also looking for:


Map Editors

Tile Editors (So it can go a little faster with the tiles)

Storyline Ideas

and whatever people you need to do a hack.

Also if anyone wants to tell me any other programs that can change the text and ect. feel free to post it.

Thank you for your time.

~Pokemon Gamer

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Well thats an easy one. I'm trying Fire Red. If I could get some good helpers I would try Pokemon Diamond/Pearl but usually FireRed/LeafGreen are the best to use I think.

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Added... Stuff.

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