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frustrated pokesav wont load onto ards


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i made my pokemon, i gave myself more money and tms. i did everything every guide ive found told me to do.

but they simply say "add the xml file to the ards code manager. how do u do this ???

ive tried dragging it. it drags but it doesnt work.

can someone please give me a step by step guide as to how to upload pokesav created profile onto ards

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First off sorry if your new, but i believe this should belong in the Action Replay section, not the save file, or Ram, and it's quite unnecessary to make 2 topics.

I'm not too sure, because i don't own a AR myself, so this is just an assumption, you either open Notepad, and drag the XML file there, then Copy, and Paste it to your AR Manager, or you drag the XML file into notepad, save, then drag it into your AR Manager.

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