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Perfect IV Ditto?


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Yes there is, by abuse of the RNG and a LOT of patience.

Emerald's RNG starts at zero every time you soft reset due to a glitch, so it can be manipulated very easily.

Simply get a Pokemon that knows Sweet Scent and go into the Desert Underpass.

Save there.

Then get a stopwatch, and start it at the EXACT same time you soft reset.

Now for the very hard part:

Let the game sit there, and time it so that you use Sweet Scent so that (right before the screen turns pink) the Sweet Scent pokemon's cry ends EXACTLY 176562491 frames after you soft resetted.

That is about 34 days straight, 24 hours a day, of waiting, with the game on (preferably on a DS with the charger in).

If the timing was frame perfect, you will encounter a perfect IVed Ditto with a Timid nature, guarenteed.

If you are even 1 frame off, you will have to soft reset and wait 34 more days again.

If you don't need perfect 31 IVs, you can instead wait exactly 15270544 frames, or about 70.6 hours, for a Serious natured Ditto with IVs 30/31/30/31/30/31. (Speed IV is last)

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