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battle revolution Pokemon Battle Series - Next Game WishList


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This is rather simple, what kind of features would you like to see in the next Pokemon Battle game? I have a lot of ideas, those elitist at pokemex bashed me for just thinking about them, there you go.


+Avatar Customization

Add more avatar customization to the current ones on PBR like basic NPC trainer outfits (Bug Catcher, Fisherman, Ace Trainer), and have all Gym Leader oufits unlockable (i.e. Johto Misty's oufit, Koga's Ninja outfit), plus regional trainer oufits (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova).

+Boss Rush

Battle aganist Gym leaders of all regions in their respective regional Boss Rush, unlock the next region by winning the previous one, plus Champion Rush aganist Rivals and finally Red.

+Rental Pass Builder

No more pre-made rental pass, you get a bunch of pokemon (with more unlockable) and make your rental pass as you see fit, still no control over the moves but at least you can balance things a little more without the need of a DS card (although is the selling point of the game, one must be able to buy one to complement the other in any order.)

+Lots of Mystery Gifts as reward

Inspired by lots of past events it would be just great to add replayability to the game by giving players something for their DS games as reward, something like regular pokemon with event-like moves (Wish Chansey, Tickle Wynaut, Extremespeed Zigzagoon), and maybe some past event pokemon no longer being distributed (Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, etc.)

+Custom League/Rules

Like the one in Stadium 2, you can make your own league and select which pokemon/rulesets are applied, and even apply them on your online matches (so, no more smogonfags in my wi-fi matches).

+Storage System

Instead of copying the entire contents of your DS card, you can select which ones from your storage to put on, more akin to My Pokemon Ranch but compatible with more than one game/trainer.

+Dynamic Animations

There is no excuse for these games to not include simple things like Dodge, Miss, Super Effective, Not very Effective animation sets and some better transitions for K.O., Forced Switch, U-Turn, Baton Pass and the like.

+Cel-Shaded Graphics

Little to no explanation needed, if developers think high polygon count makes a good game they are wrong, I think most of us would find it better to see more animesque models with less polygons and good shading.

Well, that is all I can think of, just before you feel offended, this thread is for you to add your own ideas regardless of how implausible you think they are for a real game to come out (if we were to stop giving feedback cuz Nintendo doesn't listen then no one would be able to contribute in anything Nintendo related.)

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