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unanswered Pokemon Black&White - Name Input Extention


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Hey everybody.

I was wondering what tools I would need to edit the contents of .narc files and such that are found in the ROM data when you open a ROM in Nitoexplorer2.

I want to know this because I want to do this:


|I want to extend the default Japanese input limit from 5 JPN Characters to 7 ENG Characters(HG/SS Name Input Default US Limit)|


I know that I will require these tools so far:

A Hex Editor (For editing extracted NARC contents)

NitroExplorer (For extracting/replacing ROM contents)

My first goal is to have the 7 Character Limit work.

After I have the 7 Character Limit working fully I will want to change the JPN English Character page with with the US English Characters. (I assume the US Font exists in the ROM because if you add a Pokemon with a English name from HG/SS/D/P/PL the text uses the English Font and not in the Japanese-English Font..)

My Final Goal would be to change the Max Character limit on Pokemon Nickname imput from 5 to 10

Don't bother saying that it is not possible because it is. I just need to know what tools/research I would need to do this.

If I can successfully pull this off, I may have a possible contribution to the Pokemon B/W English Translation by Kazowar.


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