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Strange problem. sendpkm.py and Panda AVPro 2010 connection

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I'm using Python 2.6.6 + SendPKM and I have Panda AVPro 2010. When I drag .pkm file onto sendpkm.py it says set DNS to but when I turn off Panda and drag .pkm after that it says set DNS to which is good. Then I can receive Pokemon in my Pearl but not every time because sometimes I get Communication error... or Unable to connect to GTS. The first problem is that after I receive the first Pokemon I need to turn on Panda and turn it off again otherwise all I have is nasty The second problem is that when sendpkm.py is running (with good DNS msg - and I got Communication error or something else in game I need to close it (the sendpkm), turn on & off Panda and then drag .pkm file again in order to try again in my Pearl game. You know what I mean, I'm traying to say that receiving Pokemon in my game must be successfull on the first time after launching sendpkm.py because otherwise I can try and try and nothing will happen (but sendpkm.py is working properly all the time). Can anyone help me with that? How my antivirus and DNS are connected? ; o Why every time I want to send pokemon I need to turn on & off Panda?

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Panda must act as a firewall too, and it blocks Python from binding to a port.

That's the only explanation I see.

no shit sherlock. It's obvious I need to turn off Panda if I want to send .pkm but why after sending one pokemon I need to turn it on and then off again. It works only one time and If it fails on first try I need to do everything all over again. Communication errors and other nasty stuff happens more frequently than successful sending that's why I only managed to send 2-3 Pokemon from my PC right now.

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