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Pokebox GBA version 6.4


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I'm really not sure that this is the right place to be requesting a GBA sav editing program since the subject clearly states "Discuss Pokesav and get help using it to edit your Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum save file." but I need help. I searched everywhere for this program


I've searched everywhere. I've even tried to get the Japanese version with no luck. If anyone has it please tell me where to get it or e-mail it to me at flootenkerp1@gmail.com. I really want to use it, I want to just test it out. If you don't want me to distribute it or share it with anybody that's fine, I just want to try it out, especially since GBA pokemon games are my favorite generation.

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Good thing I'm a packrat. It was made available on the old forums. It was included in the Pokestock folders... Not sure what was needed or not, so just uploaded the Pokestock folder instead of Pokebox itself.

this one is pretty nice

the program can read FR/LG R/S/E savedata xD ...

and finally i can see the PID and IV combination of the GBA pokemon that I have xD ..

thx dude , this program rocks , you too

anyway .. i'm curious ,who made this program?? i don't see any single credit for it , not even in the program itself xD

is he someone on the PP forum?? xD .. or maybe u, zafur ^^

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That doesn't work so well with me...

I want to put an Ageto Celebi onto my save file, but inputting Japanese characters will just make it crash.

Loading it with AppLocale crashes it as well.

Also, when editing a Pokémon's level, I can only enter one digit. I can only enter three digits for ID numbers, too.

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