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Ok! When I activated a code; I made on Pokegenerator 3.0b8; then saved, turned off, and then turned back on... It said "The save file has been erased, due to corruption or damage." Has this ever happened to anyone? If so please tell me why it keeps happening! I mean, this is at least the 4th time it's happened! By the way, CODR, I don't blame you for it. Please Help!:frown:

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PokéGen is currently in beta state.

It is only to be expected that some stuff could go wrong.

The game does keep a backup, but in some cases even the backup data is affected and the whole file is corrupted.

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use the newest version of pokegen,

Sorry; but Pokegenerator 3.0b15 - I believe that is the newest version at least - doesn't have 4th generation included in it though, only black and white, last time I checked. Here's the code though...

94000130 FFF70000
B2111880 00000000
E001CCE8 00000088
CA1DD052 27030000
EEF0E20C 5B8CA048
0EE8446C E5B6F4A5
143DA875 80AD9818
2E8900D7 CD54A85E
5F9AA3D0 C08EB97D
60B031C1 C30401C4
D244A5A6 FB8583C9
9F6E61C7 54B96DCE
E262313F 7FC31631
F3DB0B16 E3B21B9B
F2322BB4 83066891
B8A2A891 1F978479
CF2140C4 402D0545
3D0C985B 2C81D20E
E001CD70 00000088
BC90A6DA BB400000
580A4DA9 ABE9893F
CE37C791 73663541
2F22813D C43A0D16
6FD64824 C3ED5B8C
26325FA1 60049EF7
85F0C4E4 AB94255E
D38DB639 E3FB073A
987BD6A7 91ADB3E0
0774272A 30E80481
CF19D2B0 25B066FC
9A941115 3602B06C
104454F0 7DD57DF2
45C57849 20DE4E80
9276BA4B C466ACF5
6583CB77 671DE822
ED409F52 8785D43D
E001FA40 00000088
16460C0C ADD90000
C69FC520 582834A1
612946FF 8AB7B6EC
CA1B8355 1FBAF454
88B6F037 716F3FE0
8305EF83 086B06E2
BC090976 9CE8A1A1
589EF117 FE8F0801
A3A349F6 3B101E24
475BD11F C91538BA
ED0BC230 B394092D
CF194A5F 86E871A9
7315BE62 6053B2F6
9F4AA09C 30D38969
DA125734 2A37FBF2
036CE958 0704B4F2
E001FAC8 00000088
BC90A6DA BB050000
7D932596 4F696E39
FA525432 8B388C8B
13A0EFA4 E806F942
026FDD5F C4135487
B2736D2C C23FB10A
686CF331 8474D535
F5B059B2 F3507618
8DF0C135 7E0E2FA1
41304C75 F0F26488
934E0BDA CF01E1F4
ECFC6F86 958DF663
153F1115 5A7B7087
0E792979 0236BEF6
14A6D8DC F008FDD9
1262DFF2 90A5E9AB
1007F3D3 55EDFE66
E001FBD8 00000088
BC90A6DA 767A0000
9ECDC167 469040DF
6A4B1C7E BE436B8C
B62DC6FE 349EA695
ECF93F40 FD372909
AC63C775 C3215A7E
19A09A7D 9125E9C0
AAB2D700 AE96C2E4
6A82DFFD 51CDB521
A06A9BBD 905F0B43
D0F57871 B95C8667
8F5BA9F4 7BE60727
B9929A4C 0068CE1C
61978F2A 29984E40
D2000000 00000000

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I don't particularly want to respond to this thread, given how the thread starter formats messages and talks in general. However, it's more likely that you have other codes enabled or have done something stupid that caused your save file to corrupt itself.

Edit: I checked the code you pasted and it seems that it's trying to write to an improper offset. Assuming this is PokeGen's fault, it'll be fixed in the next version. I haven't specifically checked the program's code yet. I can imagine that there was some mistake made with the Black/White transition. For now (again, assuming this is PokeGen's fault), just don't use boxes other than 1.

Edit2: I was wrong. The offset is fine. The codes are fine. PokeGen is fine. I don't see how it could be anything other than another code or you doing something else and not having a clue how it would affect anything.

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