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Random Wi-Fi Battles


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We still don't,everyone reports different issues with random matches,and no one is sure what exactly is blocking their pokemons.

Some people are battling via random matches just fine even with hacked pokemons,some people can't get on even with in-game caught,non-edited pokemons.

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i've been testing random wifi to see what works and what doesn't. the english version works fine, the pokes just need to be named in japanese.they can also be named in english, but you need to actually fill in the character values (i.e. \FF34 =T) yourself. The name can go over 5 in english, you just need to do it that way.

[14:12] <+Bond697> hmm

[14:13] <+Bond697> a method 7-generated koromori is battling on random wifi right now

[14:13] <+Bond697> the chedks aren't that good

[14:13] <+Bond697> *checks

[14:14] <+Bond697> now a restricted event PID

[14:32] <+Bond697> mystery gift(restricted) koromori work on random wifi

[14:32] <+Bond697> ok, now ivs independent of PID

[14:40] <+Bond697> a caught poke with no correspondance between IVs and PID

[14:40] <+Bond697> works too

[15:06] <+Bond697> interesting

[15:06] <+Bond697> if a poke is caught and straight away has its ivs edited, it doesn't pass the check

[15:07] <+Bond697> if it's caught and changed to method 1(with correlated ivs)

[15:07] <+Bond697> it works

[15:07] <+Bond697> if the poke that has been changed to method 1 has its iv changed

[15:07] <+Bond697> it works

[16:11] <+Bond697> non-matching ability and PID still works on random wifi

[16:11] <+Bond697> change from 0 ->1 works, trying random other ability

[16:14] <+Bond697> random abilities don’t work

still working on it.

what i was talking about with the name is that, for example, TEST in pokesav/pokegen is \7400\6500\7300\7400, while in the game it should be \FF34\FF25\FF33\FF34- the difference causes it to fail.

e: how to properly name pokemon:


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