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New tournament concept

What Concept Should we use for our Next Tournament?  

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  1. 1. What Concept Should we use for our Next Tournament?

    • Standard OU Tourney
    • Double Battle Tourney! (This could be VGC format as well)
    • Standard UU Tourney
    • Arceus allowed tourney (This could be in OU or Ubers)
    • Tag Team Tourney
    • Other (Please Post)

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Well, now that we've finished giving out prizes and stuff for our last one, I was thinking we could start our next one.

The PPMT was the FIRST successful tourney we've had here, and I'm proud that it worked in the end. So, we need an idea for our next tournament. Remember to post about your idea if you hit other. You can also suggest slight changes from ideas already up there and stuff, as well.

Standard OU is just that- standard OU

Same with UU

Doubles would be hosted on wifi or Pokemon Online, and we could play using our own rules (6v6, standard banlist, etc.) or follow VGC rules.

Now that we can get Arceus EVd properly, we can have an Arceus tournament as well, where Arceus is allowed on each team. We could follow standard banlist or just say anything goes

Lastly, we can divide competitors into teams of two and make them play each other, one at a time. Both players would work together using one team and making all the moves of both matches together, or something to that extent. If this is picked, we'll elaborate later.

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I am intrigued by the concept of tag team. It seems pretty cool.

I guess it work like

1 week to get a partner + Make a team + test said team.

Team talk about strategies Via IM (Msn/Aim) during the battle (as to not give away what you'll do next xD)

And I can't really think of anything else. lol

I guess it would be the same team used all the time, so both players had better be able to viably use it. (this would stop one-sided team building to an extent)

I dunno it seems like a cool concept I think I'll vote for that.

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When I had DS tournaments at a local card shop for a while, just before we had school hit (no one showed anymore) I wanted to do one of two:

VGC10, outright bans in limited list, only allowed one from list.


Rainbow Tier tournament: Doubles, one Pokemon from each tier (Ub, OU, BL, UU, NU, NFE of smogon) in team, VGC style clauses.

I always ran the tournaments with double elimination, except Point-Scaled Swiss with 16+ turnouts, worked nicely.

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