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Ruinairas's Contribute to Project Pokemon and Pokemon Black/White translators.


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POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE 2 WILL BE (ROUGHLY TRANSLATED) into ENGLISH once it's out and when the tools are available. If they are available day one I will start right away. Please understand that all menus and such will be almost exactly as a normal USA release, but what trainers say may, or may not be 100%. We were really close on the original Pokemon Black and White version if you were following, so you know what to expect. :D




So. The project is officially started. I have my tools. I have my support, and more importantly I have my passion. I am currently working hard on translating the entire story of Pokemon/Black and white. It's going to be tough, but we've made some serious progress.

Current Progress: Catching up on whats been done, have the entire EVENT/STORY Scripts, doesn't contain random events though.

Report any major bugs if found so we can fix them.

These are effective after 10/21/10

Releases: Will be included on the official thread from now on

Betas/Bug Finding: NONE

Current Activity: Idle (Going to work on trying to get a GIT up to make life easier)















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I support the translation of the storyline. I could care less if the side chats with trainers/people was left out, but the ones who ask questions or give stuff should be included with Storyline. Even rough English is greatly appreciated. As long as we can read it till the REAL English version is out, I'll be giddy as a school girl. xD

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If you don't mind can you translate what the girl ask you in the building in the first city.

Sure, I'll look into that right after I finish translating when you are talking to the professor. Shouldn't be long.

EDIT: Could you take a screen shot of which girl? or Specify which city, ect?

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Currently I'm locating where every thing is in game and in the texts and taking note of them to speed things up. To what part I'm at now..is a secret lol but, I'll keep it this thread posted to when I feel that a certain part is practically done.

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Thank you so much

I would make the game so much easier and funner if the story was also translated

It really doesn't matter if it is bad English, as long as its not Japanese

Really appreciate it

No problem, I, however, will use excellent English on the project. If I'm going to do it I might as well do it the best I can and not sloppy...=D

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My goal is to go from town to town. starting with the important stuff ending with a person who rambles on about nothing lol =p. I'm awake now. I'm gonna look through what I've done and fix any typos ect then move on to route 1. after that I may make a patch for you guys to test it out.

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Ruinairas said maybe some time tonight, Red_Demon.

SDODC13, yes, Ruinairas is translating the storyline, the things people say.

well i was just checking. The only reason why i asked was when i first read his post last night I thought he was just going to make a storyline walkthrough type of thing. Forgive me for asking such a retarded question.

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Hey n1 translation so far and with little errors ure doing a great job if i knew japanese i would help u out in this. keep going ;D

PS:Theres a part where bel says she's sóóóóó excited shouldnt be sooooo?

After the battles with the rivals when u go downstairs the mother of the player says: "hoa" i guess its missing a W in the word right?

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Some of the typos were already with the v2 patch. I'm fixing them up here shortly, and if enough people like this story translation project I will merge over my edits to the official patches. This has simply been a test to see if this is the way YOU the people would like the game. Odds are the next patch will be added to the v3 patch on the other thread.

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Thanks, I'll try to speed stuff up now that I know a lot more than I started. I'm hoping to get the entire next town done and throughout to the 1st gym badge. As long as I got my coffee and my computer its possible. Oh, and do understand that it might not be quite as fast as last time because I have real life things to attend to such as a job. Thanks for all the support!Iin my eyes it's a race to get it done before the initial release date in March.

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