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black / white Pokémon Black and White Translation Project v2


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Another error noticed. When a Pokemon uses "Detect" and you use a move, it will be like "Wild X fell for the taunt." At first I was like "Did I use some other move?" Derp.

CORRECTION: When a Pokemon like Hatoopoo uses Detect, it will say "Hatoopoo's defense has been broken" use move and it will go "Hatoopoo fell for the feint"

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Hey, requesting some help please.

I've been trying to get Pokemon Black to work since beta v2 came out, with each version the results have been the same. This is what I do to the games:

1. Patch it with the translation+exp patch using Xdelta GUI

2. Patch it with Rudolph's patch

3. Decrypt to encrypt, encrypt to decrypt using eNDryptS to get the true game ID

4. Find the new game ID with R4CCE.

5. Edit the v6.30 infolib.dat and extinfo.dat files with the new game ID

On Desmume, the game works fine, but it won't save, and says there's an error when I try to make a save state. In-game, I press X, go to save, and click yes. The saving animation happens, but no save file is made.

On my DS, I'm using the R4i SDHC from r4sdhc.com . I've put on YSMenu and Wood R4. On YSMenu, if the infolib.dat and extinfo.dat haven't got the patched game ID, it gives me an errorcode=-4, but if I fix them it gives me an errorcode=-5. On Wood R4, the game works up until Professor Araragi's intro speech. Once her speech ends, it's supposed to show the season, and then show an animation with the professor walking into a house, just before your fight in your room. Instead, the game just freezes.

Any help would be appreciated, really want to play this, preferably on YSMenu :)

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Issue report:

When using the move 'Protect' the messages aren't fitting. The first text says 'def is broken' or something, and after a move hit the shield it says 'fell for the taunt'. I don't know if other texts don't fit as well, but i keep an if there are others.

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