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black / white Pokémon Black and White Translation Project v2


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What's the difference between the two patches?

Between Beta v2 and Release v1? Nothing much except some errors with new lines, more translated items/moves, and even the beginnings of a storyline translation from some other people who are working on that.

EDIT: well, probably way more that I haven't seen yet, but yeah.

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No, I mean, on Page one, there are two seperate download sections, each with it's own title screen. What's the difference between them.

Oh! Uh, I think it's just the style of the title screen? Cause the first one is 'Old Style' and it has the title from betav2, and the other, 'New Style', has a new title screen.

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A quick jaunt through google, and I have a TM/HM code! I should be able to find all the skills you can learn through TM's effects. I already found 'Focus Energy' and I've almost found 'Bide', so once I get all the moves, Ill try to find any others that need translation too.

I have the TM/HM item description already finished.

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Any idea how to fix the lines by/under the houses, I'm using No$GBA/No$Zoomer

in before how can I save

unless that was recently fixed (99.999% doubt it), you shouldn't be using that Emu if you want to play through. It's the emu's problem not the patch. It appears the same way with the unpatched.

desmume desmume desmume

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