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black / white Pokémon Black and White Translation Project v2


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I dont understand care to explain it?

and what is the diff between exp patch and no exp fix patches?

plz help :)

but u guys said it is out of beta already?

Basically, after Beta 3 came out, Official Complete v1 was released. It means there was a significant amount of work done to bring it out of beta.

v1 is essentialy Beta 4.

There is no difference between EXP patches and no EXP fixes. Before the game was patched, Pokemon would not gain EXP. It was a new AP.

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Hey Kaarosu, how do I add the repository to Git? It would make it a hell of a lot easier for me.

In the git page there should be a link that ends with .git that's the link you use to clone the repo in your git client

I dont understand care to explain it?

and what is the diff between exp patch and no exp fix patches?

plz help :)

but u guys said it is out of beta already?

No Exp = Is not patched to fix the AP / Exp Patched = Already prepatched against the AP and yes it's out of beta latest patch out is release v1

Still ill, still have nothing to do, want me to do some more pokedex entries?

Or if someone tells me what files the intro is in i can fix all the typos and make the whole thing sound alot more natural.

If no one else is working on it sure, remember though each version has different dex entries... by my mistake there is only the Black entries in the git. but a different one for the white entries will be uploaded later.

Actually go to 0001/0016.txt and compare with 0000/0016.txt if you want a challenge to find which ones are wrong... and left to translate (actually this goes to anyone with tons of patience and time)

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Alright that's awesome if other people are working on it as well... it really kicked my ass so i'm staying away from it for now. As for the 'realy' it was just a typo

I mean't shadow steve was working on the pokedex entries, probably have them tonight (in my timezone, it's 11am here)

I'm just fixing every typo i can find in the intro but i'll look at the 0016.txts in a bit.

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hey guy, tried but it seems too much for me too handle, also going out of town :( wish i could carry my laptop but sadly no internet where im going

The story or the pokedex descriptions?

The story translation is a good base and gets the message across it's just not true to whats actually being said, better than nothing though.

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Hard to give exact figures, but I would say about 90% of pokemon/move/items is done, and about 15% of the story is done.

hmm not flaming or being a downer but as far as story goes from what im seeing (started a new game just to test the early part thats been translated) but its more like 3% imo but everything outside the story is coming along great (menus/battle etc)

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I don't know if you have all the pokedex descriptions. I got this from a thread off Serebii.net

#494 Bikutini: It create limitless energy inside its body. It unleashes this energy on any opponent that touches it. [Victini]

#495 Tsutaaja: Photosynthesis occurs when its tail is bathed in sunlight. Its tail droops if it tires. [Tsutarja]

#496 Janobii: It avoids attack by slipping through the shadows of overgrown vegetation.

It then strikes back with a skilful Whip Judgement. [Janovy]

#497 Pokabu: It blows fire from its nostrils. If it catches a cold, the fire becomes a thick black smoke.

#498 Chaobuu: It uses the things that it's eaten for fuel, burning them inside its stomach. When it's angry the power of its flames increases.

#499 Enbuoo: It grows a beard of flame. It learns fighting type attacks that combine its speed and power. [Emboar]

#500 Mijumaru: The shell on its stomach is made from the same material as [its] nails. It removes the shell from its stomach and uses it as a small knife / katana.

#501 Futachimaru: The attack Shell Judgement that it has learnt varies by the Futachimaru that uses it. It never fails to repair its shell.

#502 Daikenki: Part of the armour on its front legs is a big sword. It can intimidate its opponents simply by roaring.

#503 Minezumi: With a strong wariness they take turns to guard their burrows. They become anxious if there is no guard.

#504 Miruhoggu: It threatens its opponents by making the pattern on its body light up. It has eyes that can even see through the darkness. [Miruhog]

#505 Yooterii: The long hair covering its face is a great radar. It is well attuned to sense the appearance of its surroundings. [Yorterri]

#506 Haaderia: It is loyal to its owner’s instructions. Since long ago, it has helped trainers who are raising Pokemon. [Harderrier/Harderia]

#507 Muurando: It is good at rescuing people who have become stranded in mountains or in the ocean. It is a very wise Pokemon. [Murando]

#508 Choroneko: It disarms people with its charming behaviour, and then steals their belongings. When it is angry, it pulls out its claws and strikes back.

#509 Reparudasu: It hides its presence and draws closer to its opponent. Before they realise, it sneaks up from behind them and takes the opponent down. [Lepardath]

#510 Yanappu: It gives its leaves to Pokemon that have lost their energy because its leaves have the effect of dispelling fatigue. [Yanape]

#511 Yanakkii: It attacks by slamming its tail, that is covering in many thorns, into its opponents. It is a Pokemon with a violent disposition. [Yanakey]

#512 Baoppu: It lives in the caves of volcanoes. The inside of the tuft on its head is burring and can reach the high temperature of 300 degrees Celsius. [baope]

#513 Baokkii: It burns a flame inside its body. Sparks sometimes scatter from its head or tail and singe its opponents. [baokey]

#514 Hiyappu: It is weak in dry environments. It sprinkles the water it has stored in the tuft on its head from its tail and dampens its opponents. [Hiyape]

#515 Hiyakkii: The high-pressure water that it shoots from its tail has the power to even destroy a concrete wall. [Hiyakey]

#516 Munna: It eats the dreams seen by humans and Pokemon. If it eats a fun dream it emits a pink smoke.

#517 Mushaana: It can make the dreams that it has eaten come to life. The smoke that leaks out of its forehead changes shape into the objects from the dream. [Musharna]

#518 Mamepato: A Pokemon that lives in cities. Many gather in parks or plazas due to its sociable nature.

#519 Hatooboo: It is believed that inside forests where Hatooboo live is a peaceful land with no fighting. [Hatohboh]

#520 Kenhorou: The males have decorations on their heads. It has a disposition that people who aren’t trainers can never become emotionally attached to.

#521 Shimama: It appears whenever the sky is hidden behind thunder clouds. It catches thunder with its mane and stores electricity.

#522 Zeburaika: It is dangerous because when its violent disposition is angered it begins firing electric shocks in all directions from its mane.

#523 Dangoro: It was discovered in the fissures after an earthquake 100 years ago. It has an Energy Core inside its body.

#524 Gantoru: The energy that it couldn’t keep inside itself has leaked out and hardened into an orange crystal. [Gantle]

#525 Gigaiasu: The energy Gigaiasu has gained from the crystals on its body absorbing the sun’s rays are amplified inside its body and shot out from its mouth. [Gigaiath]

#526 Koromori: It sleeps by attaching its nostrils to the walls of caves. The places where it’s been attached to are left with a faint heart shaped mark.

#527 Kokoromori: If you become bathed in the high-pitched noises used by the males when courting the females, you get the feeling of having fun.

#528 Moguryuu: By joining both of the claws on its hands together and rotating quickly it can dig at violent speeds towards the centre of the earth.

#529 Doryuuzu: It makes labyrinth like burrows up to 100m underground. It sometimes accidently tunnels into the subway.

#530 Tabunne: It possesses extraordinary hearing. It can hear even the faintest sounds in its surroundings like a radar.

#531 Dokkoraa: It carries a piece of timber under its arm. It’s a Pokemon that appears at construction sites and helps out.

#532 Dotekkotsu: It carries a steel frame over its shoulders to increase its strength. It shows off its hard muscles to its friends.

#533 Roobushin: It has the skills to freely wield concrete pillars, used as a cane, without using its muscles.

#534 Otamaro: By shaking its cheeks it creates sound waves that people cannot hear. It communicates through the rhythm of these sound waves.

#535 Gamagaru: It lives both in and out of the water. it catches its prey by catching them with its long, sticky tongue.

#536 Gamageroge: If the lumps on its fists vibrate then the power of its Punch attacks doubles. It can pulverise large rocks with one hit.

#537 Nageki: It has the trait of wanting to throw opponents bigger than itself. It always makes packs of 5.

#538 Dageki: It's fighting spirit is awkened by tightening its belt. It's punches have a destructive force. It gets angry if you interupt its training.

#539 Kurumiru: It eats leaves and spits out an adhesive thread that it sews together. It is the Pokemon that makes its own clothing.

#540 Kurumayu: It covers its body in leaves and protects itself from the cold. It moves around forests while eating nearby fallen leaves.

#541 Hahakomori: It heats its eggs with the warmth of fermenting fallen leaves. It makes blankets out of leaves for Kurumiru.

#542 Futsude: The antenna on its head and tail search the surrounds. It has an unsually ferocious personality.

#543 Hoiiga: Although it normally doesn’t move, when attacked it rolls quickly around and fights back with a tackle.

#544 Pendoraa: It sticks the hooks on its neck into its opponent and feeds them poison. It has a very aggressive nature.

#545 Monmen: It is blown about by the wind. On rainy days its body is heavy so it seeks shelter from the rain near the roots of big trees.

#546 Erufuun: It appears after riding in on a whirlwind. It is a Pokemon that will sneak into peoples houses and cause havoc.

#547 Churine: Because it likes soil rich in water and nutrients, places where Churine live are good for raising crops.

#548 Doredia: The scent of the decorative flower on its head has a relaxing effect. If it neglects its grooming it withers.

#549 Basurao: Even though the blue and red Basurao do not get along, for some reason they still along individuals with different colours into their schools.

#550 Meguroko: It buries itself in sand and moves about exposing just its eyes and nose. The black membrane protects its eyes.

#551 Warubiru: The special membrane that surrounds its eyeballs can sense the heat of things, so that even in the darkness it can see its surroundings.

#552 Warubiaru: It has eyes that can magnify things from far away like binoculars.

#553 Darumakka: Ancient people used to put Darumakka droppings inside small purses to keep warm because of the warmth of the droppings.

#554 Hihidaruma: If it weakens in battle it becomes unable to move, like a rock. It sharpens its mind and fights with it the force of its will.

#555 Maracatchy: It lives in dry places. If it moves its body rhythmically it makes the sound of maracas.

#756 Ishizumai: It made a home inside a nearby shell by making a hole in it. If it breaks it will not relax until it finds a new one.

#757 Iwapalace: Carrying a heavy rock on its back, it has the strength to move about dry land for days.

#758 Zuruggu: It will suddenly commence a head butt attack on any opponent that meets its gaze. It has a very hard skull.

#759 Zuruzukin: The leader of the group is decided by the size of the crest. With a kicking attack it can destroy concrete blocks.

#760 Shindoraa: It was the guardian god of an ancient capital. It attacks opponents who enter its territory with its psychic power.

#761 Deathmas: It was born from the spirit of someone buried in an ancient grave. It still remembers its past.

#762 Deathkahn: It pretends to be a fancy coffin to enact punishment of grave robbers. It’s body is covered in pure gold.

#763 Purotooga: It swan the seas some 10 million years ago. It is known to go onto land in chasing after its prey.

#764 Abagoora: The strength of its jaw is incomparable. It eats steel and rocks along with its prey by accident sometimes.

#765 Arken: A Pokemon reborn from a fossil. It is thought to be the ancestor of every bird Pokemon.

#766 Arkeosu: It is better at running than flying. At speeds faster than a car, it will catch its prey.

#767 Yabukuron: A garbage bag underwent a chemical reaction with industrial waste and was reborn as a Pokemon.

#768 Dasutodasu: It breathes in garbage and makes it a part of itself. Poison sprays from the tips of its fingers on its right hand.

#569 Zoroa: It can transform into people and other Pokemon. By hiding its true form it protects itself from danger.

#570 Zoroark: It has the strength to completely change into a crowd of people. It shows predators an illusion and protects its home.

#571 Chillarmy: A Pokemon with a lovely, likeable personality. It always uses its tail instead of a broom and dusts the inside of its dwellings.

#572 Chirachiino: There is nothing else like touching its white fur. It is unaffected by dust or static electricity.

#573 Gochimu: It constantly stares at other Pokemon and Trainers. It appears as it is staring at something that only Gochimu can see.

#574 Gochimiru: The light of the stars is the source of its power. At night it can rocks with its psychic power and show the position of the stars.

#575 Gochiruzeru: It has the ability to know of future events from the arrangement and movement of the stars. It also knows its trainers life-span.

#576 Yuniran: Because its body is surrounded in a special fluid it can survive in any environment.

#577 Daburan: When its brain, which has split into two, thinks the same thing at the same time it displays its greatest power.

#578 Rankurusu: It attacks by manipulating its arms that have a grip capable of crushing stone. A Pokemon with high intelligence.

#579 Koaruhii: If it’s attacked it lets out a spray of water from the down all over its body. It uses the mist as a diversion to escape.

#580 Suwanna: Attacks with its beak are severe. It bends its neck and repeatedly thrusts at the opponent. [swanna]

#581 Banipucchi: An icicle that was bathed in energy from the sunrise and become a Pokemon. It buries itself in snow and sleeps. [Vanipucchi]

#582 Baniricchi: It makes lots of little beads of ice and hides itself from its enemy’s gaze. [Vanirichi, Vanirich]

#583 Baibanira: If both heads get angry at the same time a blizzard erupts from its horn. The surroundings get buried in the heavy snow. [baivanilla]

#584 Shikijika: At the transition between seasons its fur and smell changes. Shikijika is a Pokemon that signals the end of the seasons.

#585 Mebukijika: The plants that grows in its horns changes with the season. The Mebukijika with the flashiest horns leads the herd.

#586 Emonga: It loves atop the trees of the forests. It glides while causing an electric charge on the inside of its cloak-like membrane.

#587 Kaburumo: Whenever it feels danger it shoots an acidic liquid from its mouth to repel opponents. It has its eye on Chobomaki.

#588 Shubarugo: A Pokemon that evolved by putting on Chobomaki’s shell. It’s steel armour guards its whole body.

#589 Tamagetake: A Pokemon that resembles a Pokeball for some reason. It repels enemies that try to catch it by spraying them with a poisonous spore.

#590 Morobareru: It tries to lure prey by pretending to be a Pokeball patterned umbrella, but few Pokemon are fooled.

#591 Pururiru: It numbs its foes with poison and then drags them down 8000m under the sea to its den.

#592 Burungeru: It vigorously propels itself forward by spitting out the sea water that it has sucked into its body. Life’s energy is its favourite food.

#593 Mamanbou: It lives by drifting through the oceans. If it finds an injured Pokemon, it carries it to the nearest shore. [Mamambou]

#594 Bachura: It attaches to Pokemon with large bodies and absorbs static electricity, which it stores in its electric pouches. [bachula]

#595 Dunchura: It makes its traps with a mildly electric thread. Once the prey has gotten an electric shock and can no longer move, Denchula feasts. [Denchula]

#596 Tesshiido: It sticks its thorns into the walls of caves and clings there. It sucks out minerals the rock is made up of. [Tesseed, Tesseedo]

#597 Nattorei: They cling to the rooves of caves and attack prey that passes below by pounding them with steel thorns.

#598 Giaru: The two gears create the energy they need to live by joining together and rotating. [Gearu, Gear]

#600 Gigiaru: The small gears rotate quickly and flick out to perform an attack. It is dangerous if they can’t return. [Gigear, Gigearu]

#600 Gigigiaru: The red gear that’s attached at the core rotates at fast speeds and rapidly charges up energy. [Gigigearu, Gigigear]

#602 Shibishirasu: A Pokemon that is found in schools/packs. It has an organ that creates electricity, and when it gets in a pinch it begins generating it.

#603 Shibibiiru: A Pokemon with a vigorous appetite. When it finds prey it swoops in, paralyses it with electricity and then eats it.

#604 Shibirudon: It attaches itself to its prey with its suction cap mouth and gives them electric shocks through its fangs.

#605 Reguree: It suddenly come from the far side of the desert 50 years ago. Until that time no one had ever seen this Pokemon before.

#606 Oobemu: It can manipulate its opponent’s brain with its psycho power and rewrite memories so that a video they saw will be remembered as something else.

#607 Hitomoshi: While pretending to act as a guide lighting the way, it sucks away at your life-force.

#608 Ranpuraa: It appears at the moment of death and as soon as the soul leaves the body it sucks it up without delay. [Lampular, Lamplar, Lampuler, Lampler]

#609 Shandera: If something gets surrounded by Shandera’s flames it will suck up the soul and burn it, leaving only the husk of the body behind. [Chandela]

#610 Kibago: It marks its territory by scarring trees and shrubs with its fangs. If one of its tusks break another will grow back immediately.

#611 Onondo: It has tusks that can smash large rocks. The territorial Ononodo’s fights are unusually violent.

#612 Ononokusu: It has strong tusks that will not chip even if Ononokusu slashes at a metal frame. It is covered in a tough armour.

#613 Kumashun: It always has snot hanging from its nose. It slurps the snot and uses it to attack. The snot is an ingredient in its attacks.

#614 Tsunbeaa: It freezes its breath to make fangs and claws to fight. I lives in the cold lands up in the north. [Tsunbear, Tunbear]

#615 Furiijio: It was born in snow-clouds. It catches prey with its armour made of ice crystals. [Freejio, Freezio]

#616 Chobomaki: It evolves when bathed in electric energy along with Kaburumo. The reason for this is unknown.

#617 Agirudaa: It has become more agile since taking off its heavy shell. It fights with movements resembling a ninja’s.

#618 Maggyo: It buries itself in the mud at beaches and waits for its prey. Once it is touched it sends out electricity and paralyses the prey.

#619 Kojofuu: A user of beautiful consecutive moves. By consolidating its mind thr speed and sharpness of its moves increase.

#620 Kojondo: It fights by striking its enemies with its long arm hair. It shakes them around like a whip.

#621 Kurimugan: It runs around narrow caves catching prey with its sharp claws. The skin on its head is harder than stone.

#622 Gobitto: It is thought to be a Pokemon created by the science of an unknown ancient civilization.

#623 Goruugu: It is said that the ancient people who made Goruugu ordered it to protect both humans and Pokemon.

#624 Komatana: It fights following the orders of Kirikizan. It clings to the opponent, wedges in the blade and then knocks them around.

#625 Kirikizan: It hunts its prey in a pack accompanied by many Komatana. Kirikizan deal the final blow.

#626 Baffuron: It charges without discrimination, head-butting everything in its path. It has a destructive power capable of derailing a train.

#627 Washibon: It will battle even the toughest of foes without discrimination. It becomes strong by battling repeatedly.

#628 Uooguru: The brave and valiant warrior of the skies. It is said the more scars it has on its body, the more it is respected by its peers. [Wargle, Worgle]

#629 Baruchai: It has a tendency to protect its backside with a useful skeleton if found. It will chase around after weak Pokemon. [Vulchai, Vulch(a)i]

#630 Barujiina: It observes the ground from the sky and attacks any weakened prey. It has a tendency to decorate itself with bones. [Vulzeena, Vuljiina]

#631 Kuitaran: With its tongue of fire that burns at high temperatures it melts Aiant’s steel body and helps itself to the innards.

#632 Aianto: It digs its burrows in mountains. The complicated tunnels are a maze made by Aianto. [iant, Irant, Aiant]

#633 Monzu: Because it cannot see it often hurts itself as it bites around trying to find its way. It cannot stop getting fresh wounds all-over its body.

#634 Jiheddo: The two heads do not get along well. They eat like it’s a competition and thus always eat too much.

#635 Sazandora: The heads on either side contain no brain. Between the three heads they eat everything then are destroyed. [sazandra]

#636 Meraruba: It lives at the foot of volcanoes. It spouts fire from its five horns and repels enemies who’ve approached to attack.

#637 Urugamosu: During battle, it scatters scales of sparks from its six wings and makes the whole battle surface a sea of flames. [urugamoth, Ulugamoth, Ulgamoth]

#638 Kobaruon: It has a steel body and a steel heart. It can make even ferocious Pokemon follow it just by glaring at them. [Kobalon, Cobalon]

#639 Terakion: It has the power to charge through large castle walls with one hit. This is a Pokemon spoken of in legends. [Telakion, Telakeon, Teraceon, Terraceon]

#640 Birijion: The horns on its head have a sharp edge. With movements like a whirlwind it makes light work of its opponents by agilely slashing at them. [Vilijion, Vilizeon, Virijion, Virizeon]

#641 Torunerosu: The energy that spurts from Torunerosu’s tail causes big storms. These have to power to blow over homes. [Torneroth/Tornelos/Torneloth/Torneros]

#642 Borutorosu: It shoots electric attacks from the spines on its tail. It flies around the Isshu skies, dropping thunder below. [boltroth/Boltlos/Boltloth/Boltros]

#643 Reshiram: If Reshiram’s tail burns, the atmosphere’s moves with the heat energy and the world’s weather changes.

#644 Zekrom: A Pokemon that appears in legends. There is an enormous generator that makes electricity inside its tail.

#645 Randorosu: Because the energy that pours from its tail increases the soils nutrition it grows big crops. [Landroth/Landlos/Landloth/Landros]

#646 Kyuremu: It has the power to make extremely cold temperatures, but it has caused its own body to freeze. [Kyurem]

#647 Kurudio: It runs around the whole world on the surface of oceans and rivers. It appears at beautiful watersides. [Kludio]

#648 Meroetta: There is much famous music that has been created after taking inspiration from the melody produced by Meloetta. [Meloetta]

#649 Genosekuto: An ancient Bug Pokemon that was remodeled/restructured by Team Plasma. The Cannon on its back was made more powerful. [Genosect, Genesect]

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