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black / white Pokémon Black and White Translation Project v2


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What I'd like to know is Ive been using the V1 outside of the beta this whole time and like the Leopard Pokemon on Serebii is spelled "Reparudasu" so why does it start with L and it's and R?

The Japanese don't have the same pronunciation of letters as the English language.

The letter L and letter R are pronounced pretty much to same to them. If you've ever seen someone type "herro" rather than "hello" when making fun of a Japanese person, it's because of this. It's not pronounced with the R sound. I'm not sure which letters in the English language best describe the sound if you've never heard it. Maybe D. "Heh-do" = Hello pronounced by a Japanese speaker not fluent in English.

If I'm not mistaken, Serebii.net is run by Japanese speakers, not English. Hence the name "Serebii", rather than "Celebi". :)

The R replaces the L, and the double I at the end has something to do with a long E sound, I think. Like Chii(Japan) vs. Chi(America) from Chobits, as well.

This will help with R vs. L if you're interested.

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the thing is i don't know how to patch even though i follow the instructions it does nothing

<Put the clean copy or black or white in a folder

<Put the patch that goes for that black or white in that same folder

<Download xdeltaGUI and put that in the folder, and xdelta file

<Open xdeltaGUI click select patch>

<Click Select Rom to select your clean copy

<Click apply patch

<Wait about 30 secs to a minute then it's done and will be called whateverthename_patched.nds

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can you help me...

i'm using no$gba, the thing is, i cannot save the game..but i did all the instructions on page 1..i did the patch and the anit-piracy..

uhm, what did i missed?


I dunno a fix for that, but I'd recommend using Desmume. It can save and done right it moves fast and more accurate than No$gba...No$gba=OUTDATED and ABANDONED.

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It would be really helpful if somebody could give me a .sav of theirHG/SS that is at least up to the 5th badge or so. PM me if you have a .sav for this. Don't worry, it will be going towards move testing to compare translations.

Also, just about done going over all the moves for the patch Kaarosu gave me before V3 came out. Will then test moves in V3 that had problems before hand. Still have little way of testing some moves unless done in an online match, which I hear there may still be problems with, also considering some move sets of Pokemon.

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still need Hgss sav for move testing?

igot hgss but not till 5 gym why do u need 5th badge exactly?

Well somewhere along that line. I just want to be able to test on wild Pokemon who can withstand high-end moves like Focus Punch and Blast Burn. Also, I need an English game .sav, not a Japanese game .sav.

I'd use my own, but as far as I know, you can't backup HG/SS retail cartridge game saves. And I have no AR to put in the "any skill" code OR edit a game save. But on AceKard I can apply the cheats to a .sav.

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Thanks for being a bro, terravoltage. Will use that. You can delete it now if you want so no lazy bums will be taking it.

BTW: Move Excel Spreadsheet so far. Nearly done with the first part. I now have a .sav of a previous game so I will go over to see where the messages are off. Will also review move descriptions. Proooobably won't get this done tonight, its 3:30 AM here.

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Hey guys i don't know if this is intentional or not however when fighting a meguroko it attacked me with sand tomb and the message said 'leopardas is very trapped' and also another message popped up every now and then which didnt quite make sense

'leopardas something quarrel 2 continue to use the same move'

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I got the anti-piracy off, but I still can't seem to apply the english patch. XDelta just doesn't work with .patch files. I had my friend on Remote Assistance for about 2 hours last night, trying to figure this out with me, and it just seems impossible for us. I have no idea how to apply the english patch to the now AP Free Pokemon White ROM I have. Again, XDelta doesn't work with .patch files, so it seems. Am I doing something wrong here? I'd appreciate some help, here. I'm a total n00blet when it comes to all this stuff, and I just wanna play Pokemon White already.

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