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anime Has anyone watched Best Wishes yet?


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I've been watching it, as it brings up my anticipation to purchase Black and White. So far, it's pretty good (coming from someone who lost interest in the anime around mid-Hoenn). I prefer the Japanese voices, as it makes me see a whole new side of the characters I knew. I also watched the last five episodes of Diamond & Pearl, and the Takuto battle was cool. I love the Best Wishes! opening. The Pokémon lighting up after they are introduced in the previous episode is neat, and being already lit up in newer episodes shows that the CGI team put a cool idea into motion. The vocals are also enjoyable. Iris took some getting used to, but once I found out she was in the game, I think she is awesome. She also has a personality that differs from the previous girls that went with Ash, and reminds me of Misty 2.0. Dent looks to be an interesting character, if not for the fact that the previews showed him fanboying over Ash. At least someone knows of his accomplishments. That reminds me. Shooti is the most annoying rival ever. He has no reason for being a snob. Ahh, brings me back to Gary.

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