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Pokemon Black/White Game Help thread


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In Pokemon Black and White are Korean characters programmed into the non-Korean games to allow the names and OT to show up? Also I noticed a few oddities in the Global Link trade, would I ask them here?

Yes, Korean language is fully programmed into the game so trading and battling those with Korean carts is now possible.

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My question regards Pokemon Black/White performance. After searching through google/bing and this site I've not been able to find out as to why my game is started to drop me from the wi-fi connection. I'm using a retail cart and my wi-fi settings have not changed. Is anyone else having the problem or should I look elsewhere and dig into router settings?

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How do I use the Transfer Machine? I got the menu option, I select DS Download & Play with Europese SS in other DS. However the DS with SS finds Pokémon White, connects then cuts of the connection saying something in japanese... Do I need a Japanese 4th gen game for this or can I use my EU 4th gen?---------------------------------------------

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All Project Pokemon forum rules apply. Please do not ask for cheat or hacking assistance here. Take that to the appropriate Game Mechanics and Research forum.

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Then there's your problem.

Game Freak decided that they blocked Pokémon that had suggestive words in their name.

However, they overlooked the fact that Cofagrigus and Froslass had "fag" and "ass" in their name, respectively.

For that reason, if you try to trade one of those two without nicknaming them, they get blocked.

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Hello :)

I would like to restart Pokémon Black with a unique team and was wondering if any you could help me out?

I would really really appreciate it if you would spend 5-10 minutes of their time to help me out

I am talking about "Sav'ing" these Pokémon and trade them over in Egg-form while I provide my Trainer ID, so they won't get boosted Exp?

I am talking about these Pokes:

- Growlithe

- Jynx

- Frillish

- Gligar

- Zorua

- Petilil

Giving them some cool natures and moves would be awesome ^^ Also, sorry for this big request, I just want to go through the game again and enjoy this awesome team.

Please PM me if you can help me with this, It would make me extremely happy!

Thanks in advance!

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^^^Making an in-game Pokemon team isn't rocket science. Just use whatever you like with whatever moves you like. If you want them to have certain natures, look up at a natures chart.

Well, I've planned out this team and would like to have them all before I take on the Second Gym, since I just got the Pal Pad after the first gym. Obviously I need someone who can do me this favour and try to get me these Pokemon in Egg form, since they cannot be boosted :x

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