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How do you create ARDS codes


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without pokesav???:confused::bidoof:

While it's technically possible, you'll need SOME sort of program. There's a few out there, but Pokesav is, IMO, the most user friendly. And because many on this site know about it.

A number of the most basic codes COME with ARDS themselves, or you'll get them via updates on the software, from Datel. And the Official Codes topics for their respective games have just about every official code you could want. People post Pokesav'd codes (mainly to activate event Wondercards) in their respective topics too.

TLDR is that if there's a code you want, outside of creating an original team, it's probably posted somewhere on these forums.

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With an emulator using Emuhaste, HasteDS, or Emucheat (those are all I know). Or with Datel's Trainer Toolkit. I have the Trainer Toolkit, but I can't get it to work. I think you need Windows XP.

Oh, you need an understanding of Hexadecimal and it is not necessarily easy when you start.

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On Datel's site, Codejunkies, the Trainer Toolkit costs $40, $47 with shipping and handling, (not sure about Europe's price) but you can get it cheaper on other sites. I would recommend starting with an emulator, that way you can get the hang of it.

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wher can i find an emulator cheap or free?....lol

Emulators are computer programs, free of charge. You'll just have dump the roms you want to make codes for.



Those are two of the DS emulators. The best two.

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you had the way of getting the game incorrect.
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