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Your Most Memorable Pokemon


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So basically this is just a thread for a bit of nostalgic fun-ness.

Just specify your Top Memorable pokemon and why they are memorable to you.

Here's mine:

Clefable; RBY - I super trained the hell out of it on one of my run throughs and pretty much devastated the whole game with it.

Charizard; RBY - I am a charizard fan boy people.. it's true. I remember training it to the middle of the night and beyond with a little torch over my game boy. Oh yes, back in the day when we were too cool for the lights of a self lighting console :D. Originally I had red, so I figured Fire would be the apt starter... I damn near started again when I faced Brock though...

Butterfree; RBY - My saviour and the pokemon that allowed me to see charizard for all its worth, Butterfree with its confusion and ability to beat Brock gives her a spot in my most memorable pokemon.

Nidoking; RBY - It could do sooo much and work so well :D. It was the first pokemon along side charizard to never leave my team from the moment of catching it as a Nidoran. I believe I ran a pwn worthy set of Surf/Strength/ThunderBolt/Horn-Drill >: D

Pidgeotto; RBY - Well who isn't this memorable for? Everyone knew about this and caught it... Everyone other than me WHO NEVER CAUGHT IT :(. It's only been recently that I have managed to actually catch the slimy little bird. Who knows, if I had have caught it, Pidgeot might have made this list.

Tauros; RBY - This pokemon was a demon to catch ... and with good reason! It pwnd things, that's what it did. My first physical sweeper I suppose :P. Tauros = win :D

Alakazam; RBY - The same as Tauros really. However, I remember super training this particular kadabra and I wish that Tauros and Alakazam had have been on the same team :/

Shiny Totodile; GCS - The Pokemon I stole from my brother as he slept... Oh I am a lovely big brother.

Haunter; RBY - Haunter is planted in my memories due to his aiding me in damn near making one of my friends cry. Ladies and gentlemen I pressed B on his gameboy after trading it with him. He didn't take it too well :P. I believe that is IRL Trolling xD.

...So yeah, What about you guys? :D

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I'd say anything I played in my Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow are memorable, but I will condense it down to a few Pokemon.



In retrospect, I somewhat dislike Pikachu. At least, the anime's Uberchu for winning like everything. However, I cannot deny that it has made most of my memories. Pokemon Yellow was my first Game Boy game ever, and starting with a Pikachu that goes PIKA was a nice treat. I could talk to it, I could make it happy, I can make it go sad, I can make it fall asleep in Pewter City's Pokemon Center with that Jigglypuff. I loved watching its face go in shock as I made Bill change forms from a Pokemon into a man. It fell in love with the Clefairy in the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermillion City. It would protest loudly when I deposit it into the Pokemon Box PC. It would cry in joy as I withdrew it. In other words, Pikachu made Yellow version very much alive, more than any of the other Pokemon. I remember teaching it Thundershock, Thunderbolt, Thunder, and Slam. Please do not ask about that, I was just a kid back then. Ha ha. Eventually I used TM01 to teach it Mega Punch and TM05 for Mega Kick. Perhaps even TM19 at one point to teach it Submission. Even though it was weak, it had always remained a part of my team because I felt attached to it. Okay, so it refused to evolve. But whatever, it's a Pikachu, and it can do whatever the heck it wants. *starts spamming Thunderstones to no avail* Now, I just hate it (okay, Ash's Pikachu in the anime I guess... but not mine). Whether we know about Pokemon or not, you cannot deny that you do not know Pikachu because when someone says Pokemon, that's probably the first thing that pops out into anyone's mind (it's Mewtwo for me, but for the majority of you, I'm sure it's Pikachu).



Eevee was denied to me when Gary snatched it from me. I was sad :(

Then that "Mr. I Know Everything" in that secret room in Celadon Mansion gave me an Eevee! Yay! You do know my sufferings, Mr. I Know Everything! I evolved it into a Jolteon afterwards. I don't know why I did that though, but I really loved the Eeveelutions. My favorite now is Vaporeon though, but Eevee was cool to me. I knew about Pokemon cards before the game... so I saw a Flareon card evolved from an Eevee. I saw another card that said Vaporeon and it evolved from Eevee too. I'm like "what the?" How can Eevee evolve into more than one? I learned when I played the game and watched that anime episode with the eeveelution brothers. From now on, I use Eevee in game and make it a part of my team whenever I can. GSC's Eevee was cool, as I was able to teach it TM30 Shadow Ball. I duplicated it and tried to get all the Eeveelutions. I tried using Sun Stone and Moon Stone on it but to no avail. I only found out after reading a strategy guide in Blockbuster's of all places. In Platinum, I got a female Eevee with Adaptability, which was awesome. That one turned into Flareon and I don't regret the decision one bit. But it has my old habit of teaching more than one move with the same typing (Quick Attack, Fire Fang, Flamethrower, Fire Blast). Ha ha. Eevee is so cool. I'd always teach it TM31 (Mimic)... I don't know why. It was just my tradition.



Geodude becomes my most memorable for owning the living daylights out of me. Yeah, it is the reason why I rage quitted Yellow version for a long time. In short:

Pidgeotto used Gust!

It's not very effective!

Pikachu used Thundershock!

It doesn't affect Geodude!

Geodude used Tackle!

Everybody fainted!

GRRR! My friend then told me to get "Slam" on Pikachu at level 20. So I took his advice and did that after a LONG time. Got Pikachu to learn Slam... took 3 hits to beat Geodude with "it's not very effective" and missed a lot, but I got Potions ready. Then came Onix... which was trouble, but I beat it nonetheless in the end.



Everybody catches one of these guys in the beginning... right? Or at least encounter one? Yeah, I caught one of them, tried using it, but it didn't learn enough moves. So what did I do? I taught it TMs and such... found TM12 Water Gun in Mt Moon and I saw it was able to learn it. Oh cool! So I taught it that. TM24 had Thunderbolt... and it could learn that too! COOL! Now you're thinking, I must be out of my mind. Yes I am! In fact, I had no idea what the "Special" value meant so I thought everybody's damage came from the Attack stat. I know, I'm lousy. And the funny thing is, I never really used Rattata even after teaching those TMs on it. The thing notable about Rattata was just the fact that it could learn some crazy moves like that, so it's still stuck on my mind... the Water Gun/Bubblebeam/Thunderbolt Rattata I never used. I think I should try using it.. only in my Blue version I did the same thing to Meowth. I have to stop this madness!



Wild Pidgeotto appeared! And level 9?! I found those in my Yellow Version's Viridian Forest. And the other notable thing is that the guidebook that came in Yellow version's box apparently had some misprints. Pidgeotto had Pidgeot's artwork printed on it instead and Nidoran F is an encounter in Viridian Forest too according to the manual. Ha ha. But I digress. The bird was pretty cool, and it was a nasty little bugger to catch. Took me one Thundershock and like 4 pokeballs to get it. And when I caught it, I was proud. Proud to get this awesome bird... until I realized how useless it was against Brock. Darn you! When I played GSC, I knew where Falkner got his :)

[hgsssprite]010[/hgsssprite] [hgsssprite]011[/hgsssprite] [hgsssprite]012[/hgsssprite]

Caterpie --> Metapod --> Butterfree

The little bug in the forest was a funny guy. In the anime, I saw how awesome it was with Tackle and String Shot and everything, so I'm like this guy must be awesome! Right? D:

Blah... didn't work out. Ooh! A wild Metapod! Anime shows me that Harden is UBER... let's get one! ... didn't work either.

I heard from somewhere Metapod evolves at level 10, so I tried that. It did! COOL! Butterfree you're awesome... with Harden and... Harden?! What is going on? What do you mean no Confusion? Butterfree! Don't tell me you're just a Harden mule! :(

In my next playthrough I did it the other way: evolve Caterpie into Metapod then Butterfree. Then it learned Confusion... wait no it didn't? It's Blue version... so I had no idea it learned Confusion at level 12. GAH! This is frustrating. So much for an early game Jeigan...

In the end though, Butterfree is what saved me from Brock. Despite being 4x weak to rock... this genius named Brock has no rock attacks! Butterfree used Confusion! I win! Man, I love Butterfree... why didn't Ash's Butterfree use Confusion? Did they think a psychic bug was overpowered? Anyways, starting from that time, I used Butterfree a lot, in GSC especially. I was disappointed when there was no Butterfree in RSE, but when it came back to me in FRLG... I smiled in delight. Good ol' Butterfree. This time, I kept it all the way, and even taught it TM29 (Psychic), despite it being an "early game Pokemon".

[hgsssprite]031[/hgsssprite] [hgsssprite]034[/hgsssprite]

Nidoqueen / Nidoking

I caught the two Nidorans... I got the female first though so I used it more. The male was a lot stronger, but in the end, I trained the blue one more than the purple one. Then I got it into a Nidorina. Once I found a Moon Stone in Mt Moon, I evolved my Nidorina into a Nidoqueen. But little did I know that the Stone disallows the learning of new moves. Nidoqueen learned Body Slam at level 23... then... it stopped. Drats. However, she was quite a powerful Pokemon, as she was taking hits rather easily and dishing out some powerful moves. I even tried teaching it TMs and found out it learned all sorts of stuff like Thunderbolt, Fire Blast, Ice Beam, Blizzard, and even Surf. I was like... what?! Isn't it weak to water? How is it swimming? I didn't argue though and went ahead and taught it some TMs and HMs. I got Nidoking much later, but because it was miles of levels behind, it wasn't as powerful for me. I taught him Pay Day though... that was funny. I really love the Nidos though. They're not too good with stats but they have some amazing movepool which can be easily abusable. Even nowadays, I always get a Nidoran and evolve it. Nidoqueen has been a staple in recurring games ever since... GSC, FR/LG, and HGSS. I think I've grown too attached to the versatile poison point Pokemon. I sometimes get Nidoking if I feel like going more offensive, but I generally get Queen.



I found this guy inside Diglett's Cave in my first playthrough. It's level 31 so I catch it. I go inside Vermillion City gym. Lt. Surge sends out Raichu. I send out Dugtrio. I dig. He Mega Punches and misses. I dig out, and that's all she wrote. Ever since then I'm like AWESOME let's pwn this game Dugtrio! And that's exactly what I did. I fell in love with this triple mole Pokemon. I taught it HM01 Cut... kept Dig, taught it Tm26 Earthquake, and when I beat Giovanni I got this move that OHKOs Pokemon Fissure! I'm like... wow! This is awesome! Then I went to the league... good grief. I beat most of the league... except when I went to Lance. That was not pretty. Oh no, not even with my level 72 Dugtrio... all I had was Cut against Gyarados (I tried Dig but it said I missed every time... so I got really confused). I eventually beat the Atrocious Pokemon but I got stuck at Aerodactyl. Good grief... I never even saw Dragonite! That was the end of the league for me... a level 72 Dugtrio and a level 56 Pikachu was all I had. The others were like stupid stuff like level 15 Magikarp and stuff I kept in my party for absolutely no reason. I eventually ran out of money and I KOd all the legendary birds who could have helped. Even though Dugtrio failed me I'll always remember the times it absolutely ruled the game. I may have to try a Dugtrio run now, because now I know more about the game. Hmmm... let's try Rock Slide for a change >:)

[hgsssprite]129[/hgsssprite] [hgsssprite]130[/hgsssprite]

Magikarp --> Gyarados

This guy got memorable for me because... he was the one that stopped me from winning the game. Yeah. And the fact the guy in Mt Moon ripped me off with this... FISH that only had Splash. Magikarp used Splash! Nothing happened! Good grief. In fact, when I got an Old Rod FOR FREE, I fished out NOTHING but Magikarp... LEVEL 5. I got ripped off!! But when I got it to level 20... it turned into this THING that looked cool but still kinda sucked. Aww man. But the cool thing about this guy? He just wouldn't die. No, nothing would kill it. Its defense wasn't even that great but it survived stuff easily. I didn't know why. In my Blue playthrough I got the Magikarp early and made it into a Gyarados before finishing Mt Moon by extreme grinding (along with my beloved Nidoqueen). I realized it can learn all sorts of cool moves like Thunderbolt and Fire Blast. I'm like... wow. GSC came and I caught the Red Gyarados. Cool... I guess. Now Bite is... Dark type? And its damage sucks too! Now let's see... why is that special attack so low?! Gyarados sunk from pro special attacker to a weakling with Return as its only viable move (no Earthquake either... shameful isn't it?) Gyarados only became beast in Gen IV people... if you ever play Gen II, you'll be greatly disappointed. But the memories this thing brings... how joyous it was to evolve Magikarp after a long time of hell (and Gyarados could not be fished out then either!). The only Gyarados I've ever seen aside from mine was Lance's. That's how rare and rewarding it was to get one.



The only thing I remember about this thing is how people were going "OOH THAT THING IS SO RARE!" and telling weird procedures of how to get it... and that THIS was the way to beat Mewtwo. Ha ha, yeah right. Nothing's beating RBY Mewtwo. Ever. But the cool thing about it? It can learn EVERY TMs and HMs! I guess that can account for something. The only thing that it is for me is... that unobtainable Pokemon. Until 5 years ago I never seen one but now I have one in my Yellow version without cheating. I think we know how to get it by now. If not, ask me.



The uber Ghost Pokemon I got in Yellow version is none other than Haunter... whom I was enamored with for its large movepool. I taught it Psychic, Thunderbolt, and stuff like that. Hypnosis + Dream eater was cool and Night Shade and Confuse Ray was all it needed, I guess. I remember how uber it was in the anime... and that ghosts beat Psychics. But guess what? Lick didn't affect Psychics! And the other bad thing... they're weak to Psychic! Nonetheless Haunter was cool and remains one of my favorite Pokemon. Many of my memories come from switching in those multitude of normal moves and destroying my foes with impunity. In GSC it was even better, as I went to Red's Snorlax and used Curse + Nightmare on it with a Gastly to beat it. It's a bigger beast now that it has Levitate. Hurray for three immunities!



When given the chance to choose between Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, I picked Hitmonchan... because IT LEARNS ALL THREE ELEMENTAL PUNCHES! That's UBER, right? 35 Special says no :(

I never knew how weak it was because like I mentioned earlier, I only looked at "Attack" and never knew what "Special" meant. But yeah, all I looked at was THOSE THREE ELEMENTAL PUNCHES and oh boy, how wrong I was. Hitmonlee was and will always be the better of the two, which is unfortunate. Hitmonchan is another Gamefreak goof-up and has not been rectified for a while. Okay, so it's physical now, but still not enough to compare with Hitmonlee's raw power and speed. Oh well, Hitmonchan is always cooler in my book.



This guy was just broken. 135 Special, 120 Speed, and PSYCHIC. It didn't need any other move than just PSYCHIC. Now it's nerfed and no one hears about it, but back then, Alakazam was a scary Pokemon to deal with. Its Achilles' Heel was the low defense, but it was like the ultimate Pokemon. I hated facing teams fo 6 Alakazams. Seriously now?



This thing was always in Safari Zone, and I could never catch one. "Oh you missed the Pokemon!" It would always run away :(

Then I go to Unknown Dungeon and see a whole slew of these. I catch them, with the occasional misses with the Pokeballs. Then I try using it. I look at the thing and I had to check the screen more than once to realize... it had like 400 HP! I was in utter shock. There can be nothing with THAT high of an HP! So out comes Lorelei's Dewgong and a Chansey with Double-Edge..... I was utterly walled. Looking back again, it had 9 Attack... NINE. O_O

This thing was an utter mystery to me, but when I saw what Softboiled did, I was in awe. Okay, so I wasted 25% health... for recovering 1 HP on my party members... but the idea of a cleric Pokemon was nice. I've been looking for hours just to find it in GSC... until someone told me to put on the radio and put the calm music. It worked! :D



Blastoise, aside from being my starter, always remains one of my most memorable Pokemon. I start with it and go all the way to Unknown Dungeon. We're like best buddies. Okay, so I taught it Dig, Earthquake, Fissure, and Hydro Pump in my first game (>_>) but what I liked about it is that it had the tools to fight its "counters". Electrics? Hi Earthquake! Grasser? Say hello to my Ice Beam/Blizzard! That's how I felt at least back then. It was also the first Pokemon I ever taught Hyper Beam to. I was so proud. Blastoise is that dependable fortress you can rely on.



I had to list this guy here because he was too rare, unattainable unless Dratini became level 55... and so I never got it. And I never got past Aerodactyl on the first gameplay either... so I rarely saw it. Yellow's Dragonite though... Blizzard/Thunder/Fire Blast/Hyper Beam... it's some sort of an ideal moveset. I got him in GSC though (finally)... but I can say it has proved more useful in the future games, like DPP. But by that time, everybody forgot about Barney and stared at Salamence and Garchomp. Meh, no matter what, Dragonite will always remain the symbol of "achievement" for me, as it was THE original Pseudolegendary.



Mewtwo... the infamous Mewtwo. The essence of what was "broken" and what defined "Uber". Look no other than RBY's Mewtwo, who was insanely powerful. Its only "low stat" was its defense of 90, which is still pretty high when you look at its 106 base HP. Its Speed was 130 and that sick sick 154 Special was enough to cause terrible terrible damage. 110 Attack was no slouch either. Heck, look at that and you have a faster and more powerful Swampert. Read through the scattered journals in Cinnabar Mansion... horror stories of a lab experiment gone wrong is he. GSC even made a reference to Mewtwo... saying there was once a cave with this horribly strong Pokemon in it. Itemfinder in the river detects the Berserk Gene. Psychic was only resisted by Psychic back then, and the other psychics had no hope of beating Mewtwo really. Level 81 Amnesia... now you're going "but Amnesia sucks!" Back then, it was basically Calm Mind on steroids... so it boosted your special stat by 2 levels. Now imagine the highest SpA AND SpDef in the game (of that time at least)... * 2 in just one turn. Now bring in STAB Psychic with that and you get a monster. Psychics were pretty much the dominant types in the metagame. If you were a Poison or a Fighting Pokemon, it meant you sucked. They rectified this in GSC when they introduced Dark and Steel Pokemon and added mass Special Defense to the fighters (like the Hitmons and Machamp), but like any other game, when something is broken and they get nerfed, that spells doom. Look where we are now... Psychics are often forgotten and Fighters are pretty high up there in the metagame... see what I'm saying? Mewtwo definitely played a big role in this, and none of us can forget this crazy psychotic mutant cat.



My last of this article is the ice bird we all call Articuno. It's a personal thing to me more than anything really, because Articuno was the one who saved me most of the time. Now you all neglect Articuno in the competitive scene, but back then, it was quite a beast. A special value of 125 meant 125 SpDef and SpA. Now imagine that with STAB Ice Beam/Blizzard. Bye bye Lance! I even taught it Bubblebeam so it can get the jump on some fire Pokemon, although it didn't help too much because ice was neutral on fire back then. On my second playthrough of Yellow, I caught the three birds instead of KOing them, and catching them was not so fun. The Pokeballs always missed... even if they're sleeping! GRR! My aim must be so bad! I used the birds for most of the league, as it destroyed all of them with just the birds. Heck, I should just write the whole article for the three birds.

[hgsssprite]145[/hgsssprite] [hgsssprite]146[/hgsssprite]

What would I do without you two?

Zapdos was weird, as it only had Drill Peck and Thunderbolt to work with really... and Moltres was... Fire Blast Fire Blast Fire Blast ran out of Fire Blast. Let's resort to Fire Spin... and if we dare, SKY ATTACK! Wow, they make up a lot of my memories. Articuno was the one I prized the most, not only because it was beautiful (despite low quality RB graphics... and Yellow's Articuno looked too Asian), but I pretty much spent a lot of time in the end with it, even using it to capture Mewtwo (thank you freeze). As time went by Articuno got worse and worse, while the other two got better and better. In the end, Articuno lost out and ended up in the pile of forgetfulness while we see Zapdos mostly and Moltres occasionally. But Articuno has a place in my heart, even if my game files are now gone... along with Articuno. I feel like playing this game again just to use my precious Ice bird again. Those were the days. Now... I only wish they had a story of some kind... but they were "just there" :/

And here's one Pokemon you cannot forget...

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Swampert, really the only pokemon I had through all the generation I played. First it was from my Ruby game almost literally my first pokemon, and I remember when I was young that I loved playing pokemon. Then when I got FireRed I moved it over with probably one or two other pokemon. Swampert then came all the way with until now. Still pretty proud of it, I recently checked out its IVs and EVs, the it had the highest IV in attack. Also boy the EVs were messed up they were literally everywhere. Oh well that was during a time I had no idea what IVs and EVs were.

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Gen 2 - Ampharos for sure. Getting mareep ASAP in G/S then boxing my starter using Ampharos/Flaffy/Mareep for the one Pokemon challenge. Thunderpunching my way through the Elite 4 and over Red. Then to have it broken with the next generation of Physical and Special moves instead of elements being the factor. Totally trashed my Thunderpunch machine. =(

Gen 3 - Blaziken, my savior in Ruby/Sapphire, learning about EVs and IV's, discovering Earthquake was uber destructive. Developing first move set, Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, Earthquake, Strength (WTF?! in retro)

Gen 4 - Empoleon, the cute surfing penguin with bladefins for arms, Diamond's one Pokemon challenge champion. Lucario, my first AR pokemon (gave it Ice Punch) ony to have it move tutored in PtHGSS.

Gen 5 - Excadrill, the ground Empoleon(how I saw it anayway lol), with 400+ Atk and STAB Earthquake. I grinned so much when I realized what a powerhouse this would be for the one Pokemon challenge. Victini the Fire Mew which can be cloned for Atk & Special exclusive movesets. (Still waiting to receive my Victini with Bolt Strike =) )

I still can't use pokemon "teams" till metagame since I read about the one pokemon challenge in G/S... Just seems too easy.

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I started playing Pokémon during the 3rd Gen. days and today, what I really appreciate about my Pokémon is that

They brought me to victory. :tongue:


Pikachu -- Emerald

When I had my first Pikachu (In Emerald), I already held a light ball. Bred it and got Pichus from it (30 to be exact).

I raised them like kids (30 to be exact) and today they keep killing Wallace's water types with their Volt Tackle. (Poor Gyarados...). This moment made me a champ after rasing them day-and-night until their fit for battling.

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This here:


Ninetales was always my favorite, right from my first exposure to Pokemon (getting the Brushfire theme deck from a friend for my 8th/9th birthday). Subsequently, I went on to start playing the games, and found them much more enjoyable than the cards (because later Ninetales cards, among others, would start to suck). This was basically my flagship Pokemon for many years, particularly in the Hoenn region and the remakes of R/B.

I think Umbreon is more fun to use now, but the aforementioned one is definitely the most memorable in my opinion.

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I'd have to say my Meganium on my old Pokemon Crystal file ❤️

I literally thought he was just my coolest 'friend' ever back when I was playing that game and would have so many dreams of me and him training together and stuff. And i'd roleplay about me and him winning the Johto League when I would play outside with my brother.

I was just obsessed with that dinosaur haha. I felt my bond with him was like Ash's with Pikachu's pretty much.....

....I miss bonding with my pokemon on my games like that xD; I think I had a good bond with my whole sapphire team, too. Like Meganium, I often fantasized about battling and training with my Blaziken too. It was fun :)

On 'newer' games, that I had more so in my adult-ish years, well......I'm not so sure I bonded so much with my pokemon. And....Now its all about my bond with Korrina O.o xD

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My most memorable would be my Charizard from Fire Red. i named it Chuck and it was the strongest one the bunch. I not so smartly even used it against Rock types and always won. don't get me wrong i liked the others on my team too. But Charizard always had a special place in me.

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