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Pokémon Battle Revolution English, Spanish and Italian (PAL) 1.0.0

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About This File

Legit save file with 3 languages, no save editing involved EXCEPT for the fact that I painstakingly saved 60 friend passes on the wiimotes to unlock all the Pass Designs, these friend passes are a bunch of saves I downloaded from the internet and many clear saves I edited with PKHex, so the save was not altered but some cut content can be seen,

1) English save slot:

.Save file with all the Pass Designs and Rentals unlocked;

.60 Friend Passes added, many of them with unobitainable Pass Designs and Dawn & Lucas as Friends;

.The game is almost "100% complete", I didn't buy all the unlocked clothing and didn't bother to achieve Rank 8 on all the colosseums, except the ones that mattered to unlock everything;

.Living Dex storage (No competitive pokémon, except 1 competitive team and a Scyther+Medite for Little Battle);

.Mysterial uses Palkia/Kyogre/Uxie;

.All the mystery gifts avaliable;

Note: Not possible to shiny hunt the outfits in this file, considering I already defeated the Colosseum Leaders.

2) Spanish save slot:

.Main story is complete;

.Mysterial uses Dialga/Groudon/Azelf;

.Johto Regional Dex on the storage (No competitive pokémon);

.All the Spanish mystery gifts unlocked;

.Outfits can be shiny hunted;



3) Italian save slot:

.Main story is complete;

.Mysterial uses Palkia/Kyogre/Uxie;

.Sinnoh Regional Dex on the storage  (No competitive pokémon);

.All the Italian mystery gifts unlocked;

.Outfits can be shiny hunted.



4) Blank save slot.

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