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This is the rarest possible form of Sinistea I could think of

This Pokémon possesses the following attributes:

star/square shinyantique, has Pokérus, rare mark, has all earn-able SWSH ribbons, Level 100, fully EV trained, competitive nature, In a Beast Ball, battle ready, max PP, dynamax level 10 holding a Master Ball.

It's fully legal and technically possible to encounter, but the chances of encountering one like this are so extremely low.
The IVs are optimized for competitive (Perfect IVs except for 0 in attack)

Edited by _Marek_
Fixed the legality issue and updated the images.

What's New in Version 1.2.1   See changelog


The legality issue has been fixed, however the attack IV is now 0. I could only get 0 atk IVs for it to be legal, 0 atk is optimal for competitive play. If possible I will change it in the future to be 6IV. The images have also been updated.
There are now two versions; star shiny and square shiny.
Star shiny is rarer than square technically.
This sinistea is just about as rare as a pokemon can get, seriously, the odds for getting this are so low you'd probably get a shiny dex first.

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